Author Topic: Florida man finds out his dad helped deliver him at birth, throws pizza at him,  (Read 205 times)

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Florida man finds out his dad helped deliver him at birth, throws pizza at him, police say

A Florida man wasn’t willing to give his father a “pizza” his heart.

Robert Houston was arrested Thursday after he allegedly attacked his father with a pizza upon finding out his old man helped deliver him at birth, WFLA reported. Police arrived at the home in Holiday, Fla., and discovered a slice of the pie on a chair along with cheese and tomato sauce splattered inside the residence.

Houston’s father told deputies he was returning home from a walk when his son picked up the pizza from the delivery man and proceeded to shove the pie in his face, hold him down and yell at him.

Whiskey Tango Alpha Foxtrot?????????????? :wtf2:  :???: :mental:

Here is Robert Houston.

What could drive Robert Houston throw pizza at his father for helping him deliver him at birth? What is Robert Houston's DU name?  :mental:
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Maybe the pizza had anchovies on it. You know, that "special scent".  :p
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