Author Topic: Democrat Eric Swalwell Calls for Confiscation of Semi-Automatic Weapons in US  (Read 298 times)

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Democrat Eric Swalwell Calls for Confiscation of Semi-Automatic Weapons in US — Nuke Those Who Resist

You can tell the election is over.
Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell called for the confiscation of semi-automatic rifles in a USA Today oped on Friday.
Swalwell wants taxpayers to foot the bill using 15 billion of taxpayer dollars to do it.

Swalwell then says to prosecute those who resist.

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If we talked...

It would consist of me saying...

"No.  Just no.  Your move."
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Totally unacceptable.
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They really don’t think these things through at all. My guess would be at least half our military would abandon post if ordered to fire on Americans. Then you have to consider what a few ragtag groups are able to pull off in the Middle East. Now consider what 50,000,000 (half the estimated number of American firearms owners), with 150,000,000 firearms in their possession, and at least a half trillion rounds of ammo (a lot of it reloadable), getting a little ‘huffy’ about the government trying to remove a right by force, would be capable of.

Now add in other countries who would be more than happy to help the ‘rebels’, with an expected payout when the dust settled.

Think that wouldn’t be the scenario?  Change my mind.

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