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Actress Rose McGowan - who triggered Harvey Weinstein's downfall - now claims the #MeToo movement is 'all bull****' and a 'lie to make lily-livered Hollywood types feel better'

The actress who kick-started the exposure of Hollywood moguls who allegedly exploited positions of power to abuse women has branded #MeToo campaigners against sex attackers 'losers'.

Rose McGowan accused producer Harvey Weinstein of rape this time last year, sparking an avalanche of allegations in the entertainment industry and beyond.

As stars such as Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman were alleged to have assaulted or harassed performers, activists began using the hashtag to share their ordeals online.

But McGowan has slammed the movement as 'bull****' in today's Sunday Times Magazine, which comes the day after Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a Supreme Court justice in the face of historic sexual assault allegations he denies.

#MeToo is built on lies as RoseMcGowan puts it. Hollywood is fake.
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Hollywood’s stock-in-trade is lying (acting).  They try their hardest at it; sometimes too hard.
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While I have no doubt that some of these bimbos were hit on by powermongers and general creeps (Weinstein is probably the ugliest asshole to walk the planet), what isn't too well known is to what extent their encounters were consensual. Meaning, of course, that it's quid pro quo.

The bimbo's acting career launches with whatever talent she can muster, supported by a thumbs-up from the Weinsteins and thugmeisters.

She washes out because she can't act, and falls to the curb like the proverbial garbage bag.

Hey, I know! Let's accuse the thugmeister of rape!

Yeah! That's the ticket!


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