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Funky Country Biscuits
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:36:19 PM »
if you get bored, try my biscuit recipe. Easiest biscuits ever and they are really good

for around 8 biscuits:

2 cups flour (self rising)
1 stick frozen butter *frozen overnight or at least 4 hours. needs to be solid for grating, MUCH easier to mix evenly
1 cup cold milk (or buttermilk)
** If you use buttermilk instead of regular milk, add 1 tbsp baking soda. Personally I can't really tell much difference

- Sift the flour into a large bowl.
- Grate the frozen butter into flour while mixing
- add the milk last and get out as many lumps as you can without over-working it. Just use your hands, not a mixer. Keep the mixing to a minimum at
  this point but just enough to get most of the lumps out

Option 1:
- Take the whole thing out of bowl and put on floured counter, sprinkle with flour
- Flatten or roll out to about 3/4" thick
- cut it into squares size of biscuits.

Option 2:
- Instead of rolling them out, you can just drop biscuit-sized globs onto a greased sheet. I use silicon mats now instead without any grease, they are awesome!

* Don't try to re-use scraps. they won't rise worth a damn.
* work the dough as little as possible or it will get stiff and won't rise well or be as flaky.

- Bake @ around 375 for 15-20 min. go by color. You want them just turning brown on top.
- When you take them out of oven, brush with some melted butter

* if you are feeling froggy, mix in some grated or shredded cheddar cheese for dinner biscuits.