Author Topic: LA immigration group at center of girl's encounter with pope  (Read 9199 times)

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LA immigration group at center of girl's encounter with pope
« on: September 25, 2015, 07:35:53 AM »




WASHINGTON (AP) — Sophie Cruz's brief encounter with Pope Francis during his parade in Washington this week appeared to be the kind of spontaneous moment that is so endearing about this pope: an initially hesitant young child wrapping an arm around his neck as he offers a kiss and a blessing.

But for 5-year-old Sophie, the moment unfolded as perfectly as it was scripted by members of a coalition of Los Angeles-based immigration rights groups. They had been preparing for nearly a year for the young girl from suburban Los Angeles to make a dash for the popemobile to deliver a message about the plight of immigrant parents living in the country illegally.

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Re: LA immigration group at center of girl's encounter with pope
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There is no doubt that this pope reaches out to people as a pope should, but I take issue with this this pope.  His focus seems to have a politically correct agenda rather than focus on religious teachings. 

BTW Sophie Cruz is not related to Ted.   :rotf:
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Re: LA immigration group at center of girl's encounter with pope
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2015, 10:20:05 AM »
Damn, I can't believe it when people claim we can't deport the illegals already here.  They round themselves up!  All we anti-illegal aliens need to do is stage some protests of our own and then have Border Patrol agents ready to apprehend all the counter protesters!  Really am sick and ****ing tired of these criminals proudly and willfully flouting our very reasonable immigration laws.  And using little children, that you have put in a horrible legal position by breaking our laws, to advance your criminal agenda is morally reprehensible. :fuelfire:
From the link:

Her note to Francis detailed fears that her parents, immigrants from Mexico who don't have legal status in the United States, could be deported. But their risk of being deported is slight under the Obama administration's policies, which focus on deporting serious criminals.

"I believe I have the right to live with my parents," Sophie told the AP after her moment with the pope. "I have the right to be happy. My dad works very hard in a factory galvanizing pieces of metal. All immigrants just like my dad feed this country. They deserve to live with dignity. They deserve to live with respect."

No one is forcing these kids to live apart from their parents.  They can all go the **** back to wherever they came from, which is obviously SOUTH of the border.  And don't come back unless you plan to galvanize metal from prison.  That sounds to me like a job some hardworking AMERICAN citizen or legal immigrant would absolutely love to have.

If we had a President interested in enforcing our laws, Sophie and her parents would be on the next bus out of here, with their fingerprints on file.  And if she was born here and entitled to citizenship under the perversion of our Constitution that currently exists, she could stay here, but they have to go back where they came from!  The law is the law and it tends to be very simple and straight forward, recent judicial interpretations notwithstanding.  I'm sick of all these illegals coming here, expecting sympathy and a "path to citizenship" they don't deserve and didn't the minute they decided to flout immigration laws.  Also, for those who DO sympathize with these criminals, why don't YOU house, clothe, feed, educate AND provide healthcare AT YOUR OWN EXPENSE.  You ****ing liberal clowns are going to be the downfall of this country yet and Obama is your Pied Piper.  But not all of us are like you, rats willing to blindly fall off the cliff.  Unfortunately those of us who are productive tax paying citizens are being more and more overwhelmed by your insistence on dragging us all behind you as you seek and find ever more "undocumented workers" we are supposed to support in addition to your already quite substantial drain on us.
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Sneaking into a country doesn't make you an immigrant any
more than breaking into someone's house makes you part of the family.
(Poster bolky from blog discussion)