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The Unmitigated Gall (2,247 posts)

7. Let's not forget the cavity search...

“Strip, you little shit!”

The DUmmies have odd fantasies.

I'm curious exactly what Lord Marblehead EarlG thinks what is going to happen to Trump and Republicans.

Remember franksolich's 1st Rule of Everything: anything can happen, and usually does.

<<<have not lost any sleep worrying about this.
I knew from the headline that this could not possibly be any primitive other than the octogenarian sparkling old dude, he with the much younger trophy wife who, despite her husband's negrophilia, gets skittish when around black people.
The DUmpster / Re: "pick up your rifles" and "when is go time"
« Last post by DUmpDiver on March 31, 2023, 10:46:19 PM »
Threats directed at Mr. Bragg and Mr. Soros peppered online discussions of the indictment — including claims that people were watching Mr. Bragg’s house and children,

Remember when people were protesting at Kavanaugh's and Barret's house and doxxing the schools their kids attended?

Remember how outraged the DUmmies were?

Me neither.
WestMichRad (667 posts)

63. It IS MUCH MORE than hush money

30+ counts of business fraud, some which almost surely are felonies, will paint quite the picture of how utterly corrupt the T family business is. Bragg has got to feel confident he has a slam dunk case, or he wouldn’t have risked bring the indictment case forward. They have the documents and can’t be relying only on the testimony of a convicted co-conspirator.

TFG will of course delay and obfuscate at every opportunity, as always. He can be counted on to blab, can’t he?

30+ counts tells me that Bragg is throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something might stick.
Blue Owl (43,863 posts)

So now we officially know that a felon appointed 3 Supreme Court Justices

Something about this does not sit quite right with me — how can someone with such an obvious disregard for the law and lack of moral character be entrusted to appoint 3 judges in the nation’s highest court of law???

As long as we’re in “uncharted waters” how about we revoke these 3 appointments given what we know now about Donald J. tRump…..

They have no understanding how the justice system in this country works...

Star Member brooklynite (85,605 posts)

2. Has Trump been convicted already?

Even Trump deserves a legal presumption of innocence.

I’ll add that you have no idea what the charges are


Star Member dchill (34,978 posts)

7. Okay, do we don't OFFICIALLY know...

...we just know. Not legal, but right.

We just know Bill Clinton payed 800k+ in hush money to squelch a rape trial. We just know Hillary had Epstein killed to keep their name out of a court case. We just know Biden has taken millions in bribes from the red chinese... among others...


Star Member Irish_Dem (35,972 posts)

13. Ellen we saw Trump commit some of his crimes right on TV.

With our own eyes. I know you are legally correct.
But we know he is guilty.

These are the people who lynched whoever they wanted because 'They Just Knew'...

Escurumbele (2,858 posts)

6. Its bad enough what you point out, but it is even more of a disgrace that if that felon

goes to jail (if found guilty) that he can still run for president, how can that be? How can it be that convicted felons can run for office in the USA? It doesn't make any sense. I truly believe in second chances, but not when we are talking about the responsibility that a government office requires, and if no one will make a convicted felon president of a company, how can we entertain given the POTUS position to a criminal?

Why do the George Santos, and so many others who have been convicted be in office? The law needs to change, only honorable and honest people, with a clean record from justice, should be allowed to be elected to a government position, right now it is like giving the fox the job of keeping the chicken coup safe.

True what many people say about trump having the right to be assumed innocent until proven guilty, but with so many possible indictments to come, I have to think at least one of them will find him guilty, the one in Georgia for sure, there is audio proof of his criminality.

Meowmee (4,968 posts)

19. The justices he appointed

And others who support him are also suspect due to their own corrupt behavior. The court is now a corrupt tyranny which answers to no one.

The DUmpster / "pick up your rifles" and "when is go time"
« Last post by dutch508 on March 31, 2023, 10:16:42 PM »
Kennah (10,315 posts)

"pick up your rifles" and "when is go time"

Threats directed at Mr. Bragg and Mr. Soros peppered online discussions of the indictment — including claims that people were watching Mr. Bragg’s house and children, appeals for Trump supporters to “pick up your rifles” and posts asking “when is go time.” On Truth Social, some called for an armed defense of Mar-a-Lago, the former president’s residence in Florida.


Jan 6 alert for Tuesday

The left/FBI/DOJ is pushing the idea we will rise up and defend Trump at the court house...

Go **** yourselves, bitches.

Star Member roamer65 (34,051 posts)

1. If MAGAts start shooting...

it is SELF DEFENSE to shoot back.

The police will definitely do it.

Star Member Walleye (22,894 posts)

3. The NYPD has 35,000 officers, all of them armed.

Plus they know how to block off streets, and I can’t imagine these MAGA guys taking the subway downtown

Demanchor (95 posts)

7. We didn't expect less from them did we?

They’ll go full rage. There will be other indictments. They’ll go full rage again.

We’ve seen their rage. January 6 is burned into my experience in ways even 9-11 can’t compete.

These people are being prosecuted. There are courts in this country, unlike SCOTUS, who are actually on the side of law.

I didn’t expect anything different from people who haven’t grown out of toddler stage. I won’t expect any different behavior from them until they actually show a different behavior.

Are you surprised?

Star Member CanonRay (13,085 posts)

9. I'm half hoping he doesn't surrender

and they have to drag him out of Mar-a-Shithole. I'm sick to death of him and his deranged cult.

Bev54 (7,784 posts)

10. I suspect Bragg has taken precautions for his family, including possibly moving them

to a safer place.

The only people calling for violence is the left...

Whenever you are ready, speedy

Star Member EarlG (20,241 posts)

Let's take a step back and really get a good look at the rabbit hole the GOP have thrown themselves down

The Republican front-runner for the 2024 presidential election is a twice-impeached one-term loser who is now under criminal indictment for a scandal involving the coverup of hush money payments to a porn star that he cheated on his wife with.

That same front-runner also stands a good chance of facing other criminal charges -- for stealing top secret government documents, trying to coerce state officials into fixing the results of an election, and instigating a violent attack on the U.S. Capitol.

And not only is the entire Republican party NOT denouncing this person, they're rushing out to defend him, and attacking the criminal justice system.

Imagine going back in time 10, 15, 20 years and telling Republicans that this would be the state of their party in 2023. They'd think you were insane.

Yet here we are.

Let's see where we are...

The President was placed into office by twisting the rules so much half the country thinks you cheated your way in, couldn't campaign due to dementia, and is taking millions from the red chinese... among others...

The last person you ran for president paid russian spies for a fake dossier to smear Trump, paid off the media to broadcast it everywhere, everyday, was a disaster as Secretary of state,  destroyed thousands of documental top secret evidence she'd stolen and was storing in a private unsecured server, had the DOJ and FBI paid off to NOT charge her, and covered for her pedo husband's trips to a child abusing sex trafficker's island, then had that ****er killed in a prison cell.

You impeached a setting president twice on no crimes. Staged a 'coup' to try to lock him up as well as anyone you could round up and throw into prison with no trials... Withheld evidence of those persons so jailed proving their innocents and tortured them into guilty pleas. Used the FBI and DOJ to stifle evidence of criminality of the president and his family.

Stoked violence and insurrection by leftist groups to burn cities and kill political enemies while calling it "Mostly Peaceful" and a Summer of Love. Released thousands of criminals out of jails to explode crime in the streets. Allowed millions of illegal aliens to pour across the border. 

... and so much more... I wouldn't have believed it five years ago. Now?  :whatever:

Star Member CaliforniaPeggy (145,050 posts)

2. You're absolutely right, my dear EarlG. And They Did This To Themselves.

Nobody else is responsible for their insanity.

Star Member Cha (284,030 posts)

8. Yes, here we are with the RW being

Insane.. except for a few.. and they're Persona Non Grata with their Lying Gaslit party leaders.

Of course it's the brainwashing at fox & hate radio that gets all the Suckers voting them into power.

Thankful for all our Democratic Leaders who are on The Front Lines Fighting to Save Our Democracy.

It's All Hands On Deck.. No time for Anything else.

Star Member Ligyron (7,044 posts)

9. The only honest they've done is refuse to claim he is innocent.

Yet not one of them has the balls to come out and say, "Of course he's guilty, but we don't care, this country needs strong leadership, that's more important than democracy and the rule of law.We're just going to cancel elections and declare whoever we want the winner from now on".

They haven't been that forthright so far, but they're getting close.

Star Member RocRizzo55 (577 posts)

10. I would go back 43 years

When Ronnie Rat Raygun interfered with the election, and told Iran to hold out to a better deal than what Carter had offered.
This may have been the start, because Raygun got rid of many safeguards, like the Fairness Doctrine, making it easy for people like Crushed Limpballs, and Faux News to become more relevant in the mainstream.
There were other things, some go back to the days of Tricky Dick Nixon, but Raygun’s autrocities stand out more.

Star Member IbogaProject (1,694 posts)

14. I beg to differ

They've been crooks for a century. They funded Hitler, laundered Nazi money and personel. They did all that con-intel-pro. Nixon made a 0deal to keep war going. Nixon admin smuggled heroin. Regan Iran preecelection treason and don't forget the Contra Cocaine wave and the overt terrorism in Latin America. Then Bush 1 pardons and more violence. And we all know W's reign of error. They've been overt fascist criminals for 100 years now.


Star Member yardwork (56,068 posts)

27. I agree, and there's lots more.

It's ironic that the Russians have taken control of the Republican Party in order to wreak havoc on the United States, because the Republicans have been getting our government to do the same to other countries since the 19th century.

The Republicans are a party of criminals.

Star Member EarlG (20,241 posts)

29. All good points

I guess I'd argue that they've not been quite as overt about their criminal fascism in the past -- at least when caught.

Republicans saw the writing on the wall and convinced Nixon to quit before he could be impeached.

Reagan apologized to the nation for Iran-Contra.

Eventually -- much too late mind you -- the GOP realized that invading Iraq was a political mistake.

You can even see this early on in the Trump years, when Republicans still had enough clout to be able to persuade him to apologize for the infamous "grab 'em by the p****" tape.

In the past Republicans have had the ability to recognize political landmines and take a step back from them when necessary. But after years operating inside Trump's reality distortion field, it seems they've lost that ability.

Now the only course of action they know is never admit wrongdoing, never apologize, full speed ahead -- straight down the rabbit hole.

Star Member kentuck (108,851 posts)

15. And they want to sell T-shirts with his mug shot on them... if that is something to be proud of? Vote For Me - I'm A Proud Criminal.

Star Member honest.abe (7,220 posts)

16. I am really a bit surprised how many Republicans are still firmly supporting Trump.

It seems like a total dead end to me. Does Trump really have that much control over the Republican voters that they can't just move on to another candidate. Are they afraid for their personal safety perhaps? If they dump Trump someone will come after them and their families? If so, that is very disturbing situation that will not end well for anyone.

Star Member peppertree (18,940 posts)

18. Having grown up in Mi'ssippi, I categorically say that it's NO surprise they are where they are now

With exceptions, many Deep South Republicans, 30/40 years ago, were where the party as a whole is today:

An openly fascist, authoritarian vehicle driven around by whatever mad-man who could best speak to that very worldview of theirs.

The GOP that it hit the jackpot by absorbing Jim Crow and John Birch in the '60s and '70s - but they have since devoured the GOP itself.

The "Tea Party" (Gadsden) flag really is their banner: a snake eating its own tail.

groundloop (10,945 posts)

31. It sounds as though this indictment is far worse than just "hush money"

"More than 30 counts related to business fraud" seems pretty serious. I sure hope the media start calling it what it is and not just say that it's related to his extramarital activities


WestMichRad (667 posts)

63. It IS MUCH MORE than hush money

30+ counts of business fraud, some which almost surely are felonies, will paint quite the picture of how utterly corrupt the T family business is. Bragg has got to feel confident he has a slam dunk case, or he wouldn’t have risked bring the indictment case forward. They have the documents and can’t be relying only on the testimony of a convicted co-conspirator.

TFG will of course delay and obfuscate at every opportunity, as always. He can be counted on to blab, can’t he?

Just A Box Of Rain (4,063 posts)

49. Reagan's crimes were arguably more serious than those committed by Trump.

And Trump is a criminal to his core.

TrollBuster9090 (5,908 posts)

48. Here are a couple of other rabbits to add to the list.

It's looking more and more like a SPIDER HOLE than a rabbit hole. But we'll know that for sure when they pull a bearded Trump out from underneath a fake storm drain in Waco.

--The 2023 GOP now hates police and law enforcement, and wants to DEFUND the FBI.

--Thanks to Trump, the GOP now trusts VLADIMIR PUTIN more than the U.S. intelligence agencies.

--The GOP now supports PUTIN (as a fellow white nationalist), and when Putin murders journalists and other critics, they shrug and say "you think WE'RE so innocent?"

--The GOP now supported a MEETING with Little Rocket Man Kim Jong Un, WITH NO PRE-CONDITIONS. (Something they blasted Obama for SAYING he MIGHT do.)

--The GOP now hates the military industrial complex, and wants to DISMANTLE NATO.

--The GOP now backs DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. It's okay to attack the United States Capitol, as long as you're wearing a goofy red hat.

--About face on Clinton's sex scandals. They now believe it's none of our business how many porn stars the President is screwing, as long as he hates liberals, and keeps those tax cuts for billionaires coming.

--Screw the 'small government' thing. They now want women's bodies to be controlled by "women, doctors, and LOCAL POLITICAL LEADERS." (Thank you for saying that out loud, Dr. Bong.)

--The GOP now supports TRADE TARIFFS. No more free trade. That's definitely a switch.

Am I forgetting any others?


The reason for the Second Amendment... good thing those hick rednecks only had shotguns...
The DUmpster / If you want to be part of a "well regulated milita".
« Last post by dutch508 on March 31, 2023, 09:41:12 PM »
The Jungle 1 (3,923 posts)

If you want to be part of a "well regulated milita".

Join the military. Short of that "we the people" have a right to control the guns you own.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Just so you know guns are very controlled in the military.

“The very language of the Second Amendment,” wrote Burger, “refutes any argument that it was intended to guarantee every citizen an unfettered right to any kind of weapon he or she desires. … The Framers clearly intended to secure the right to bear arms essentially for military purposes.” Chief Justice Warren Burger.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Warren Burger also once said, "The gun lobby's interpretation of the Second Amendment is one of the greatest pieces of fraud, I repeat the word fraud, on the American people by special interest groups that I have ever seen in my lifetime."

The three Justices that the felon trump appointed are putting this nation in danger.

I highlighted part is where the DUmpmonkie is both right and wrong at the very same time. Guns are meant for the citizen to be able to take military action, when required, eith against a foreign enemy... or a domestic one.

inthewind21 (2,761 posts)

1. Correction

The US citizen that put Trump in office which allowed him to put 3 justices on the bench are putting this country in danger.

The Jungle 1 (3,923 posts)

3. Correction of a correction

If I rob a bank and use a get away car.
Do you arrest the person who sold me the car.

The orange felon is responsible for his action.


Star Member sarisataka (15,554 posts)

6. You would probably not arrest them

But would you sue the seller and the manufacturer of the car? Or is responsibility still on the felon?

The Jungle 1 (3,923 posts)

7. I do not think there is any liability for the manufacture or seller.

I do understand your point about the nuts who voted for the felon.

So, manufacture and selling guns should hold no liability... good to know.

maxsolomon (30,029 posts)

2. That interpretation happened prior to President Sociopath's appointments.

DC v Heller, 2008. Scalia, joined by Roberts, Kennedy, Thomas, Alito.

3 of them are still on the court.

The Jungle 1 (3,923 posts)

5. Well I am gonna have to call ya on that

Bruen Decision June 23 2022. 6-3 vote
The Supreme Court's Bruen decision lifted most state restrictions on the public carrying of weapons, it also did something much more significant. It changed the way in which courts must judge Second Amendment challenges to gun regulations and restrictions.

Until we take to the streets nothing will change.

Kennah (10,312 posts)

8. Perpich v DOD said there are three militias: federal, state, and reserve or unorganized

Since the 1903 Efficiency in Militia Act, or Dick Act, the reserves and state guard have been declared part of the federal militia (U.S. military) when called up by the President, which overrides a call up by the Governor.

So the federal militia is the U.S. military and includes the reserves and guard when called up by the President.

State militias do exist in some states, but I don't think they'd last very long against the U.S. military if someone decides they wanna secede.

Then the reserve or unorganized militia. Those eligible to be called up, which is men 17 to 45 per 10 USC 246.

Finally, we must draw conspicuous attention to the 20 years of war in Iraq and Afghanistan and conclude that no one fights and kills extremely determined, well-trained, fit, young insurgents like the U.S. military. Meal Team 6 wasn't in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So the idea that fat, middle-aged guys are going to fight off the U.S. military is beyond silly.

Sorry NRA, but facts are facts.

The Military is the standing armies of the USA.
The Reserves and National Guard are the 'Militia', although the reserves are just a money game to reduce DOD costs and pay them out of a separate purse.
The unorganized militia is everyone about to carry a weapon, 17 to 45. The citizen. The 'laws' of the militia run back to medieval times, and basically required the citizen to retain and maintain serviceable weapons and ammunition to fulfil their duties in the case of being needed to carry out their duties.

WarGamer (8,296 posts)

9. All you need is 5 SCOTUS Judges to see it your way...

Without that, it's fantasy. 

The Jungle 1 (3,923 posts)

10. Repeal of the 2nd is a real option

Even if there is no chance of repeal the effort would force change.
But yes it would be easier if trump and the right would not have stolen two seats.

ripcord (3,812 posts)

14. How is it a real option?

Republicans control 28 states while we control 19, if anything we are likely to lose rights we consider important if it comes to making constitutional changes.

The Jungle 1 (3,923 posts)

15. I disagree

Just the effort of repeal would force their hand. Simple politics.
Bottom line we are not screaming loud enough. Next week the mutilated kids will be forgotten.
Repeal of the 2nd would not ban guns.

Children murdered by your leftist trans radicals, by the way...

Hey, Mother****er, this ain't no impeachment shit. This is ****ing REAL

What is digital blackface?
Digital blackface is a practice where White people co-opt online expressions of Black imagery, slang, catchphrases or culture to convey comic relief or express emotions.

These expressions, what one commentator calls racialized reactions, are mainstays in Twitter feeds, TikTok videos and Instagram reels, and are among the most popular Internet memes.

Digital blackface involves White people play-acting at being Black
, says Lauren Michele Jackson, an author and cultural critic, in an essay for Teen Vogue. Jackson says the Internet thrives on White people laughing at exaggerated displays of Blackness, reflecting a tendency among some to see “Black people as walking hyperbole.”
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