Author Topic: Do not buy LG Tromm fnt ldr washer & dryer or Miele Platinum Plus dishwasher  (Read 44442 times)

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Our ole and semi-old ranch house was built in 1945, remodeled sometime back in the 60's it appears.  We are starting the kitchen remodel which begins with a lot of research.  We are completely stripping everything from floor to ceiling.  The only thing not being replaced are our fridge and freezer units, but the rest is going.

We are going with an 'Induction cook top'.  Everything I can find out puts the Bosch at being the best.  If you are considering a new cooktop or stove and not looking at induction you are making a mistake!  It is a superior way of cooking, cheaper, safer, pick any category and it wins hands down.

On ovens and ranges, the vote is not in but the trend is to GE Cafe or Profile series

Fridge/Freezer:  Sears Elite units

Microwave:  There are so many to choose from the only real factor to look at is features that fit you and your family lifestyle.  What I suggest is you got with a higher powered unit at 1000 or better watts.  My best microwave was an Amana Radarwave commercial unit.  It was HUGE and IIRC was around 1800 watts.  It would boil a cup of water in under 15 sec.  But is was large, bulky and very heavy, when I got married my wife nixed it, granted it was not the most attractive thing, I got it at a restaurant supply and it was made to be rugged not pretty.

Dishwasher:  The jury is still out but the contenders are Kitchen Aid/Whirlpool, Samsung

Research methodology:  I look at features, cost, warranty and extended warranty cost*.  My research comes from the internet and sales personnel at applicant stores.  Wife looks at features and 'pretty'...

* Extended Warranty costs.  Extended warranty costs are based upon the historical warranty record of the product.  I STRONGLY urge anyone looking at any major item to ask about extended warranty cost for the make and model you are interested in.  Its an eye opener.  I showed it to my wife when she decided she wanted one of those British Land Rover cars, she changed her mind real fast.
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I've checked, Whirlpool seems to be on the top of the list for dishwashers...  Oh well...the Bosh is up there too, so I hope we get some life out of this one.