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What DUmmies are saying.
Outlaw the opposition! Arrest and kill them for our own protection! Unleash the bloody purge!
What Dummies really mean:
Outlaw the opposition! Arrest and kill them for our own protection! Unleash the bloody purge!
This is what I love to do. Mix and combine different things to make a wonderful hearty meal.
Have there been any updates to the story that the gun was loaded with a live round and more importantly why a live round was even used?

Reports I've seen have stated when the gun was handed to Baldwin the person told him it was "cold". In the same report it was stated that they were having proplems with the weapons they were using, going off with no trigger pull.
General Discussion / Re: Know this ACRONYM?
« Last post by Eupher on Today at 02:51:30 PM »
Even my son - who is named Brandon - recognizes the deception.  :tongue:  :rotf:

Blanks can kill at close distance.

Yes very close range in very soft tissue. But there was more distance than against one's head and squib wouldn't have killed much less gone through a person and then into another person. That is one scenario. The other is that Baldwin shot the woman and then pulled the trigger again shooting the man. Seeing as the REAL GUN USED AS A PROP was a single action revolver much intent on Baldwin's part.

Either way he should have never been pointing it at somebody he was not intent on shooting. I have also heard that he said something like "If we have to shoot the scene again I'm going to kill you."
They should all be fired and prosecuted.
In my opinion, the Select Committee is offensive.
In my opinion, the Select Committee should go on the offensive. eat shit and die.
What we haven't heard is Democrats threatening the lives of Republicans and/or their families.

No they just shoot them or swarm them to beat them up or shout them down. And don't forget following them into bathrooms or how about the monkey masked chick throwing eggs ad a black candidate.
The DUmpster / Re: They're rooting for Biden to fail...
« Last post by Old n Grumpy on Today at 01:54:47 PM »
8. We have one of the most scientifically and politically illiterate populations...

Yes, they are called progressives, with "trans gender, pregnant men, multiple genders, global warming" etc. :thatsright: :mental: :loser:
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