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Eighth grade has a graduation?

I think they did around the early 1900's.. which it seems is when these dummies graduated.  :cheersmate:
What more can one say about krunchy goodness.

Nads obviously strapped on the good rig and mounted up.  :whistling:

The DUmpster / Re: Is no-one boycotting Facebook? Why the hell not?
« Last post by I_B_Perky on Today at 03:13:37 PM »
dummies boycotting facebunk. Whoop-dee-doo. That will teach ole zuckerbooger.

I am not boycotting facebunk, I just don't do it. Never have, never will.   I never saw the need to inform the world every time I take a shit and as far as I concerned, the whole premise of the site is inane.
The DUmpster / DU Hosts Malthusian Meet-up
« Last post by zeitgeist on Today at 03:11:35 PM »
And then maybe they can do a little genetic tweeking.

The Massa Nematode rolls out the welcome mat.

TheMastersNemesis (8,222 posts)

Considered Bumper Sticker - "Save The Planet - Get Fixed". But Realized ---------

I would get run over by a truck, get shot at, get the finger continuously, have my car keyed, et al. The problem is that the planet is grossly over populated with 7 billion plus and counting. And we hear that there will be 9 billion plus by maybe 2050.

All the turmoil and people desperately migrating to hopefully a better place is a good sign that something is amiss. Yet the religions of the world preach that God will provide. Well he is not providing now as we can see. And the planet's environment is degrading by the day.

Excess population is one cause of climate change. And we see the wrath of Mother Nature revealing itself. And we see other problems cropping up like widespread pollution, loss of biodiverse habitat the we depend on et al. Unless we get sustainable growth I do not see how the earth stays viable in a decent way moving forward.

And it is not about being antifamily. It is about common sense that one should not have all the children they can possibly have. The idea of a full quiver being a good idea seems absurd under the circumstances.

It is a tremendous thing to create new life. Yet being able to provide for that life in a adequate way is really important. Look at all the children who have been abandoned on this planet at this point

An interesting thread.  Not a lot of heavy weights at the moment nor a lot of posts.

Remember DUmmies, if your parents never had kids, you won't either. 

Codeine (18,399 posts)
48. Neither excellent nor a reporter. nt

Man when even a codeine addict can see thru you, you know you suck.

Link to nadin's article:

LittleBlue (10,292 posts)
7. She was banned?

Damn. I didn't know. She seemed harmless and had interesting things to say. People always got on her because they said she tried to break stories that were already broken, but that's hardly different than current DU where everybody is posting unverified tweets or reprinted Facebook news. She had coverage of local issues in San Diego that I didn't read anywhere else.

What did she do to get banned?

Glad I ain't the only one that did not know she got the granite pizza.

malaise (162,391 posts)
11. She had more credibility on the Fukushima disaster than

the folks who hounded and attacked her.

Did she glow in the dark?

This little exchange is cute:

snooper2 (29,510 posts)
38. It made me stop eating fish

flamingdem (36,517 posts)
96. I know right?

Still not into fish from the Pacific

snooper2 (29,510 posts)
97. I was being funny LOL- A thread on a random message board wouldn't change my eating habbits..

Actually just moved offices and was thrilled to find a Long John Silvers is really close. The best hush puppies eva LOL


Achilleaze (5,246 posts)
70. Trolls take down a lot of good DU folk

As far as the toxic republican-russian propaganda assault on America goes, truth has a target on its back.

Damn! We've been outed!!!  :runaway:

CountAllVotes (15,665 posts)
153. The milk thing was a BIT MUCH

Not just a bit, a lot of much!

Where the hell do you buy shelf-life milk? You are all gonna die from drinking milk from the Fukushima tainted cows that the milk came from that you dared to swallow.

OMG, one right after the next it was w/her.

Eh, off to bed for me!

And this....

Brother Buzz (17,324 posts)
14. I believe this email to the Administration was the catalyst for her banning


Subject: Password

I know you probably do not want me back, It is mutual.

Can you send me the password reset so I can do that, basic ****ing cyber security, and i can move on and away from your ****ing DLC site? I know I am not the only actual liberal who will stay away from your neoliberal site, At least be honest who you want to cater to. But seriously, you say you were hacked, you insist people reset their passwords... basic cyber security. If you were hacked or not it is really not my business, nor do I care.

I really do not care for your type, the Limousine insider DC, so called liberal. but really, basic cyber security.

Oh and I have tried using your ****ing system to reset it and move on at least 5 times, one from Mexico incidentally during a shive. (the week of mourning in the Jewish tradition, I do not expect you to know that)

Nadinbrezezinski is my ****ing user name.

Incidentally, I told your ****ing party it was making a Weimar level mistake when you nominated HRC, enjoy that. I told you guys you were doing that before you did that before the primaries were over, and incidentally, my ROV used white out in San Diego to erase Sanders votes, welcome to the Torta effect. (yes it went to court by the way, and the ROV lost)

It is YOUR ****ING PARTY. Neither democrats or republicans represent me, a simple working class media person that called Trump a fascist. But I am a working class member, and I get it why he got elected. But your party chose to steal the primaries. You are as guilty as the SDs were for the same ****ing mistake at the twilight of the Weimar Republic. Historians are sure to call it exactly that.

But can I get that, so I can ****ing move on?

Thank you.

Note: She could not log in because she spelled her own user name wrong.

 :lmao: :lmao:

Dummies pile on:

Maven (9,096 posts)
15. Wow.

Her posts were occasionally informative, but if that's who she really is, good riddance.

obamanut2012 (13,558 posts)
103. Gawd, she was basically always like that

Attacked people, made stuff up, just overall a terrible person imo.

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Response to obamanut2012 (Reply #103)

Thu Sep 21, 2017, 06:37 PM

Star Member cwydro (27,062 posts)
128. Yep.

Basically a joke.

The admins gave her a wide berth.

She flamed out all on her own.

Awsi Dooger (10,178 posts)
25. That can't be real

I'm glad I have no idea who she is.

Ranting Simpleton 101

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Response to Awsi Dooger (Reply #25)

Wed Sep 20, 2017, 11:10 PM

Star Member lunamagica (6,305 posts)
28. It is real. Believe me

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Response to lunamagica (Reply #28)

Thu Sep 21, 2017, 06:53 AM

Star Member DFW (25,461 posts)
62. There is a slight trace of hostility running through it, no question.... n/t

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Response to DFW (Reply #62)

Thu Sep 21, 2017, 07:06 PM

Star Member whathehell (19,610 posts)
135. Ya think?

Codeine (18,399 posts)
49. She was like that all the damned time.

Election results had nothing whatever to do with it.

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Response to Codeine (Reply #49)

Thu Sep 21, 2017, 07:50 AM

Star Member cwydro (27,062 posts)
72. Spot on. nt

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Response to Codeine (Reply #49)

Thu Sep 21, 2017, 04:34 PM

bettyellen (43,877 posts)
102. She got really angry at me before hurricane sandy when I insisted those in NYC metro area had no

Need to horde canned food. Even without electricity for three weeks, I had no need with all the supermarkets, pizzerias and delis open because they were on higher ground. She was so angry, predicted mass starvation and anarchy in Manhattan, LOL. What I really needed was a good shower. Weird stuff, was very "welcome to ignore" half a dozen times...

Plenty more nadin dummie pile on after the above.
Pelosi defends kneeling Kaepernick — despite struggling to say his name

Nancy Pelosi defended unemployed quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s “First Amendment” right to disrespect the American flag during the national anthem, even if she struggled to say his name.

She didn’t criticize the players, who are offending so many Americans.

“Colin Kaeper— Kaeper— Kaepernick, uh, doing what he did, says this flag enables me to do this. This national anthem enables me to do this,” she said, initially struggling to speak.

“This is about freedom of expression,” Pelosi said.

She added Trump’s response is “unfortunate” and believes he was “ill advised” to criticize the anti-American players.

The DUmpster / Re: If you have a vagina
« Last post by Old n Grumpy on Today at 02:03:53 PM »
Star Member bluecollar2 (496 posts)

If you have a vagina

You have to make sammiches. :lmao: :lmao:
cwydro (27,062 posts)
69. Yeah, I remember her "reporting"

that there were ships full of dead people the government was hiding after some hurricane, Yep, she "reported" that right here on DU.

I remember that "reporting".

Actually the democrats were hiding them, they needed them to vote for Hilliary in 2016. :-) :-) :-)
I wouldn't even know about these things if the news would quit reporting it. I am off then NFL, no TV and no going to games and it is because of all these player protests. They are at work and just like anyone else at work they should keep their politics to themselves when on the job.
hamsterjill (9,449 posts)      Wed Sep 20, 2017, 11:59 AM

11. I went to my 30th and it messed with my mind.

Your situation is undoubtedly different. I grew up in a small town. There were about 35 people in my graduating class.

We had a mini 30th year reunion of about 12 of those people who were available and inclined. I didn't want to go, but decided that I might regret it if I did not. It was amazing to me how far removed I'd become from all of those people that I spent so much time with. I had turned into a totally different person whereas some of them were the same as when they were five.

The folks acted the same as when they were 5, what was this a reunion of your kindergarten class? Or were they all progressives?
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