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The DUmpster / Re: Nance-Not as 'nice' a person as I used to be
« Last post by FunkyZero on June 24, 2022, 09:57:13 PM »
I have never wished ill to befall them.

except for every post this Canadian skank has ever made...
The DUmpster / Nance-Not as 'nice' a person as I used to be
« Last post by RuralNc on June 24, 2022, 09:53:37 PM »

NanceGreggs (27,151 posts)

Not as 'nice' a person as I used to be

I have taken pride in the fact that despite all of the damage Republicans have done to the country, I have never wished ill to befall them. I have never hoped that a Republican would suffer a personal tragedy like the loss of a beloved child or spouse, or the onset of a debilitating disease. And I have certainly never wished for their death.

That being said, if the SCOTUS justices who just turned every female in the US into a second-class citizen were to drop dead, I would celebrate it, cheer it, applaud it, be thankful they were gone - and I'd go to their funerals in a ****ing red dress.

Umm, other then all your past blabberings ons.

musette_sf (9,691 posts)

3. And piss on their graves

with one of those Stand To Pee funnels.

I hope you enjoy that female privilege you have. Getting to enjoy your special funnel.  :???:

ecstatic (29,901 posts)

10. We almost had no choice but to turn. Years and years of unfair

domination by Mitch McConnell and his thugs. They take a tiny bit of power and stretch it to the max; meanwhile, we can have all three branches of government and have excuse after excuse for why we can't get anything done.

At least one mutt gets it.  :loser:

Like the DUmbass was contributing to those organizations in the first place.
Cool story DUmbass.
The DUmpster / Re: Malaise says White Supremacists did this! Curse you wypipo!
« Last post by Zathras on June 24, 2022, 09:44:30 PM »
Strong, the stupid is with these oxygen thieving wastes of skin. Then again that's why we call them DUmmies.
The DUmpster / Re: Primitive Fund Raiser... No! its and Investment Opportunity!
« Last post by RuralNc on June 24, 2022, 09:43:53 PM »
I watch other people play video games for a couple of reasons. First I watch people playing games that I'm interested in buying myself to see if they might be something I'd be interested in playing. I saved myself from wasting money on a game I thought would be good but turned out to be not a few times. Second I watch video games being played that I have for tips to make my play better. As an example I play Tom Clancy's The Division 2 and watch people who make builds with equipment for the game, showing what pieces of gear/weapons to farm for. I use the info provided to create these builds for my character in game. Third there are a couple out there that are really entertaining with their videos.

Ok, fair enough. Maybe I was being judgmental. I never took to Video Games, so I cant appreciate it. Let me atone for my Sins, and offer a heartfelt, and very hardy apology.  :cheersmate:

Moving on. I want to personally keep an eye on this one. Heres todays update..

Akoto (4,211 posts)

18. Contribution Record - 6/23/2022

Hello all,

I figured I'd put this up an hour early, while I was looking at the boards and had it on the brain! Per my promise to keep transparent regarding the process of the fundraiser, I am updating you on what new and total gains have been made.

As of 9pm EST 6/23/2022, we remain at the $50 mark, which is an important first step toward the first goalpost of the fundraiser. Thank you all for the post bumps and words of encouragement!

I do have concerns that people may be uncomfortable with the purpose of the fundraiser or its presence with the low rate of recommendations and response, which I hope to not actually be true. If it is, please let me know so that I may remedy the problem! Thanks again, all!

Akoto buddy, give it about 6 days. Then the cash should start rolling in.

If they could say “no” or even have sex responsibly they really wouldn’t have much need to kill babies anyway.

Chin music (19,037 posts)
4. To the women of America.

Cut off sex w volatile penises until we figure out 'how to react' to yet another gop attack. Take a step back. Let's all make them pay for what they've done. Wipe the smirk off their faces.

I'm wondering what other kinds of penises they're having sex with, besides the volatile kind.

Besides, don't they need a biologist to filter that message to proper recipients?  :-)
Yeah exactly.  The DUmmy plays the 'I graduated law school therefore I should be regarded as an authority' card, then goes on to make legal arguments against the courts decision talks about nothing but his feelings and the experiences he draws those feelings from.

People like this should be kept as far from power as possible.

I saw that one. I thought the exact same thing. Really like how he skirts right on passed the part about having to take personal responsibility  for getting a girl knocked up, because im sure, according to the DUmp, that's not fair.
The DUmpster / Just more DUmp Racism and Sexism..
« Last post by RuralNc on June 24, 2022, 09:30:35 PM »
Over the years, observing Skins Island, its amazing at how Racist and Sexist the inhabitants are. Maybe its a good thing they/them are all stuck there. God help polite society if these mutts would escape. But then, maybe the opportunity to put them/they down, would present itself.

Anyways, they are pissed...

milestogo (12,607 posts)

**** you, Amy Coney Barrett

What kind of woman joins in an attack on women's rights?

You are despicable.

Lets just play along here. But im guessing a woman who can think for herself? Maybe a woman who has some dignity and self-respect? Something you mutts dont have the foggiest clue about? Im guessing.

It goes on and on. Calling her all sorts of inappropriate names. Making claims about how she is brainwashed and cant think on her own.

Eliot Rosewater (28,682 posts)

27. I'm serious, she is part of a sect of her religion where Women bow to men about


Someone here has to know about it and can link it.

Hey! Its the lying POS Eliot Rosewater! So... Eliot. You are just making more shit up? Sounds about right out of you. Dont have a link? Of coure not. Because your lying. Like always. And trying to drag more DUmp idiots into your own delusions. You really need help.  :loser:

Ocelot II (100,507 posts)

20. There are always people who side with their oppressors.

Log Cabin Republicans remain loyal to a party that thinks they're perverted. There are Black Republicans despite the GOP's increasingly overt racism. Clarence Thomas has consistently opposed affirmative action and other measures that benefit Black people. I don't get it either.

You act surprised that some Black folk escaped the Plantation, try as you might to stop that.

Opposing Affirmative Action. You mean the program that (prentends to) benefit people based on the color of their skin, as opposed to the content of their character? Yeah I cant imagine why anyone would oppose that. Democrats seem all over the concept of Affirm..... hold on! The Dem's had slaves! The Dem's started War! The Dem's started the KKK! The Dem's fought Segregation! The Dem's turned the water hoses on the Blacks! And Released the attack Dogs....  its as if the Democrats are the racists. Imagine that.

Maybe Justice Thomas sees thru your bullshit?

milestogo (12,607 posts)

30. Clarence Thomas is black but he doesn't identify with most blacks.

He probably thinks he's actually a white man trapped in a black man's body.

Ginny Thomas is a woman but doesn't identify with most women. She thinks she's a man, because she uses her husband's power. And she doesn't care about actual women at all.

Wow. Yall are a special lot. And the question begs to be asked of all DUers. Why are you so racist? We as a nation have moved past judging people by their skin color.

Hobbies / Re: Old fly rod
« Last post by Dblhaul on June 24, 2022, 09:27:46 PM »
Going to go play on the St Joe for 4 days next week. As wet as Spring was the flows have finally started to settle down.
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