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Kopechne Mother Mourned

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PLYMOUTH – A mother who lost her daughter in a well-publicized automobile accident in Massachusetts nearly 39 years ago was remembered Saturday as a caring woman who loved talking, drinking coffee and making pancakes for breakfast.

Gwen L. Kopechne, 89, died on Dec. 20 at the Valley Crest Nursing Home in Plains Township.

A small gathering of family and friends attended a Memorial Mass in her honor at All Saints Church in Plymouth.

Family photographs pasted on a board were placed near the altar, and two pictures showing Gwen, her late husband, Joseph, and their only daughter, Mary Jo, were placed on a table beneath a Pastoral candle.

Gwen was laid to rest in St. Vincent’s Cemetery in Larksville next to her husband and Mary Jo, whose life immortalized the family when she was killed in the accident on Chappaquiddick Island on July 19, 1969.

The 28-year-old woman and Democratic campaign worker was a passenger in a car driven by U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

Kennedy was driving the young woman from a party when he drove off a bridge and into a pond. Kennedy escaped with minor injuries but Mary Jo was killed.

Circumstances surrounding the accident and events that followed evolved into a cloud of suspicion that continues today.

Ted Kennedy was unavailable for comment.


--- Quote from: TheSarge on January 15, 2008, 07:28:56 AM ---Ted Kennedy was unavailable for comment.

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Hell, Vast Teddy probably doesn't even recognize the name any more.

I hope she rests in peace. I can't imagine the pain she's suffered for almost 40 years.

I hope her daughter was there to meet at the gates. RIP, dear lady. It is truly a travesty that you never got to see justice in life.


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