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Ghislaine Maxwell Found Guilty on Sex-Trafficking Charges

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Epstein Victim: 'Maxwell Did Not Act Alone - Others Must Be Held Accountable'

--- Quote ---Deceased child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein's most outspoken victim has responded to the guilty verdict of accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell by demanding that "others must be held accountable.

"Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who alleges she was was trafficked as a child and raped by Epstein and his powerful friends, including Prince Andrew, warned that "Maxwell did not act alone.

"Maxwell was found guilty on five of the six counts of child sex trafficking charges against her as the jury came to a verdict on Wednesday evening.

Giuffre tweeted on Wednesday that she had finally been granted the justice her "soul yearned for" after a jury of six men and six women found the British socialite guilty.
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So true.

Drafe Hoblin:

--- Quote from: ADsOutburst on December 30, 2021, 08:46:31 AM ---The prosecution limited what evidence they presented, her "black book" will be kept secret via a court deal, and the judge re-sealed records after the trial. There's something to be said for prosecutors not belaboring their point, but it does make you wonder.

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Comey's daughter was the lead prosecutor.

Here's another interesting tidbit. Remember when Epstein supposedly killed himself in his jail cell <cough, cough>. And the two schmucks who were supposed to be "guarding" him just sorta conveniently fell asleep? And the cameras mysteriously shut down?

Charges dropped against them. Dereliction of duty, falsification of records, charges dropped.

The more curious thing is the timing of the announcement that those charges were dropped and GM's verdict. There's some rationale in this article, but there's no doubt that the stink of corruption is all over this very convenient "suicide."

Hot Air

The black book like Benghazi, the 2020 election, and near countless other events the courts have decided we the little people don't need to know the details of...The one sure thing seems to be our two-tier justice system is rock solid reliable.


--- Quote from: Drafe Hoblin on December 30, 2021, 09:21:12 PM ---

Comey's daughter was the lead prosecutor.

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And now her career will be advanced for her having done a 'good job'.


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