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Emails reveal how Hunter Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chi

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Looks like proving that Hunter used his father's name corruptly for business deals has been done, though the standard of proof in criminal court, very appropriately, is very high.

Proving that Joe received $$ in substantial amounts (e.g. more than 10s of thousands of $$ in "repayments" for funding Hunter's drugs and hookers habits), that he knew where this $$ came from, under what terms, and Joe knowingly/willingly participated in Hunter's deals, beyond a reasonable doubt, is several high mountains not yet climbed, AFAIK.

Obviously, all these painstaking processes - investigative reporting and criminal investigations - should have begun a year and a half ago, but there was a Bogey-Trump to defeat.

All well and good, but as long as #SharterJoe is in the WH, none of this goes anywhere except the memory hole. And it won't be Joe so much as it's the corrupt DOJ.

Hunter Biden benefited from dad’s connections his entire career

--- Quote ---Hunter Biden has been living off his father’s influence and connections his entire life, a review of public information and data contained on his old laptop show.

The future first son caught his first break back in 1988 when he was busted for drug possession. At a time when Sen. Joe Biden was pushing stiffer sentences for drug users to bolster his War on Drugs bonafides, Hunter Biden was treated with kid gloves.

“I was cited for possession of a controlled substance in Stone Harbor, NJ. There was a pre-trial intervention and the record was expunged,” he said in a disclosure after being nominated to serve on the Amtrak Reform Board in 2006.

Biden family benefits continued for Hunter when he applied to Yale Law School.
--- End quote ---

Hunter Biden benefited from his father, Joe Biden. Ironically, he pushed for stiffer drug penalties.

There's lots more.

When Jonathan Li, one of Hunter's crooked Chinese business pals, asked Hunter to ask #SharterJoe to write a letter of recommendation for Li's son Christopher, for an application to Brown University, later emails reveal that Joe did that. Or, more likely, Hunter ghost-wrote the letter which "The Big Guy" signed.

This is influence-peddling at its core.


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