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I imagine that with all the lies she has to juggle it gets hard keeping up with which ones have been debunked and which ones are waiting to be debunked.
Hey Stacy! Remember that time you ran the MLB All-Star game out of Atlanta? I bet the voters do.
"Men of DU", a self-contradictory statement.
Their having a very, merry let's go Brandon Christmas
I guess love is conditional in Brandon's family
The DUmpster / Re: If the SCOTUS rules to end Roe v. Wade, I suggest that no Republican
« Last post by Rebel on December 01, 2021, 10:37:29 PM »
MineralMan (140,440 posts)

If the SCOTUS rules to end Roe v. Wade, I suggest that no Republican

be elected ever again to any public office. All that would take is for a substantial majority of women to refuse to vote for any Republican.

If Republicans have no respect for the rights of women, women should show all Republicans the Exit door.

This from the party that's killing female sports.


They need to offer The NEW Kyle Rittenhouse burger, and really give em the finger.


ETA: 2 slabs, lots of ketchup, eat left handed.
Leftist politi-critters of "all" genders.

Nobody else is stoopid enough to be in close proximity to concentrated weapons-grade crazy...

Leave Mrs corpios wifes boyfriends out of this.

it's a shame the DUmmie probably has nothing worth suing for.

Calling someone a liar and murderer aren't subjective matters of opinion, they're matters of fact.

Would be interesting to find out he/she posted it from a car dealership on company time or something stupid like that, though.

Wait, what?

Y'all took a back seat to trannies (you made that backseat yourselves, lefty 'women'), complained about too much masculinity, and now you want your lefty men (many if not most of which aren't truly men) to defend you?

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