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regarding President Trump's acceptance speech tonight and the leftist reaction.

Trust me, as I'm frequently correct. Just read a couple of paywall previews from the usual slimeballs on the left, and according to them, tonight's agenda will "seize and pounce" in a display of TOXIC MASCULINITY!!! :panic: :panic: :panic:

A few of the speakers will illustrate it such as UFC Chairman Dana White, wrestling icon Hulk Hogan, misogynist Kid Rock, "election denier" and former Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson. Followed by of course, President Donald J. Trump himself, the leader of this right-wing toxic slime.

No matter what is said tonight, this will be the framing that the lunatic leftists will declare it by 11 pm tonight.
The DUmpster / Re: I have a feeling . . . (the end is near)
« Last post by Ralph Wiggum on Today at 07:05:44 PM »
I agree with you up to a point, all the bidens want him to stay for various reasons, the money from influence peddling, hunters legal problems and jills reluctant to give up the prestige, power and influence.

Those are compelling reasons for him to hang on.

BINGO! If "middle-class" Scranton Joe decides to bow out, his handlers ("Doctor" Jill and Hunter) will find him a golden parachute from Silicon Valley/Hollywood and Chinese leftists/communists to ensure that his family will live comfortably for a century. Unless they figure out a way to destroy America before January 2025.
"I wish I was young enough to leave this shithole country."
But remember, don't you DARE question the DUmmies' patriotism!
And, don't forget, it's REALLY those mean old Republicans who hate America!
The DUmpster / Re: I have a feeling . . . (the end is near)
« Last post by Old n Grumpy on Today at 04:39:12 PM »
Unless someone in the Biden family let's it happen, I don't think they are going to remove him from the ticket like he was Ol' Yeller. The problem of getting someone to replace Slow Joe the Dumbass show is that the others are worse picks then he is and if they think 2028 is their next chance then they might want to rethink that. They have messed up running Biden first of all and he in turn ran the country into the ground. After Carter it was a while before there was another Democrat as President.

I agree with you up to a point, all the bidens want him to stay for various reasons, the money from influence peddling, hunters legal problems and jills reluctant to give up the prestige, power and influence.

Those are compelling reasons for him to hang on.
The DUmpster / Re: The AR-15's Power is Greater Than we Thought
« Last post by BannedFromDU on Today at 04:36:14 PM »
The stupid lies that you see on the internet regarding guns and especially the AR-15 is quite amazing. I have seen a few on www.MSN.COm that made me wonder just where they dreamed up their so-called facts. The worst part is there are YouTube channels showing just what a 2.23/5.56mm round will do in Ballistic Gel and they compare those rounds to other rifle rounds as well. But hey why let facts stand in the way of getting into a panic over what the MSN tells you.

     As the owner and operator of an AR15, liberal bullshit about them makes me laugh.

Liberal Bullshit: "It's an ASSAULT RIFLE!"
Truth: Any rifle you use to assault someone is an assault rifle. AR15s are just rifles.

Liberal Bullshit: "It shoots too many bullets!"
Truth: No more than many rifles, and even then, one at a time.

Liberal Bullshit: "It'll blow you plum to squash!"
Truth: Well, it's a RIFLE. It isn't meant to tickle if someone needs to use it.

Liberal Bullshit: "The bullets are far too powerful!"
Truth: They pack a punch, sure, but so does all rifle fire.

It reminds me of the time my buddy ridiculed me for getting a .380 instead of a 9mm for home protection. Too weak? OK, go stand about 20 feet away and let me put a couple of .380 pills in you. Should be no big deal, right?

The DUmpster / Re: Brooklynite gets Banned Again
« Last post by Texacon on Today at 04:34:56 PM »
I’ve been thinking about this thread and I’ve come to a conclusion.

I hope brooklynite’s wife sues DU. Class action. I’d join up. I’ve been banned 3 times and never violated the TOS.

Why have a TOS if you’re not going to enforce it? They simply ban speech they dislike. The vile stuff that was posted about an assassination attempt on a former/future president would make the case slam dunk. brooklynite could own it and not spend a dime. Earl would work for him.


Vance is a Christian, OMG how horrible is that? He’s going to take away their most sacred right of abortion  :rant: :rant: :rant: :panic: :rofl: :panic: :panic:
She deserves to be fired
Not even in the Twilight Zone or the evil Mirror Universe in star Trek could Joe Joe the Shitshow a good President. I don't care how you DUmpmonkies try and paint the picture, but the facts are we have a worse economy and a shit ton of illegals running across the border and spending is out of control in Government. The only way it could be worse is if we were to wake up some morning and find out that the Apes really did take over like in Planet Of The Apes.

They have in several democrat run cities
It's astonishing to me how they all believe her to be such a strong candidate.  She can step right up and win win win!  They don't know that everyone outside of their bubble is laughing at her and her ludicrous word salads.  She's just a dumb broad.  What is it about a 20% approval rating that they don't understand?   

Some of them believe that she and Gretch would be a dream ticket.  Can you ****ing imagine?

Oh and no "re-tooling" of the campaign is really necessary, is it?  Some new ads that I can think of, but rebuilding from scratch?

     Here is an annotated summary of how liberals think: She is a black woman she isn't, so any opposition to her at all must be because of her race, or her gender, or both they'll say both. Positions? Views? Her positions only position of hers anyone knows for sure is her on her knees and views are that she is a black woman and black women occupy the rung of liberal esteem just below transsexuals and gay black men. Anyone daring to speak within 10 seconds before or after she does will get a sassy, self-righteous, Nell Carter / Lawanda Page / Shirley Hemphill / Marla Gibbs / Pam Grier "A black woman is speaking, mutha****a!" and all self-hating white liberals (ie, 99% of DU) will signal their virtue by hooting and hollering in blind support.

     That is what will take the place of an actual campaign: white people rolling out three payers of red carpet and glaring at anyone and everyone until they knuckle under and concede that Kamala is the greatest American who ever lived, definitely much better than Joe Biden, whom they viciously supported until they didn't. In other words, Barack 0bama with a vagina an actual vagina, not the figurative one on 0bama. In better economic times with fewer illegal aliens walking around, she'd win in a landslide.
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