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Arguments and Discussions to Leftists/Progressives
« on: February 02, 2022, 09:30:40 AM »
I'm a member of Bill Whittle's web site in which, like a blog, we discuss various viewpoints.

This discussion surfaced recently:

Me: Bill [Whittle] is on point with his observation that Jon Stewart and Bill Maher are largely responsible for this travesty called leftism. The idea that Jon and Bill are the smart guys in the room and the rest of you who aren’t watching the show are the rubes and hicks of backwater America. My stepson is a classic example of this type of thinking and I’ve learned that despite our engagements in which we discuss the unmentionable — politics — we can never come to accord. Why? Well, I’m a rube and I’m a member of backwater America. We do agree on some things apart from politics, and that’s what we focus on, thankfully.

Response from ACTS (TM):

That’s always frustrating when you run into that “rube” attitude. I think it’s just a copout used to avoid admitting their ideas stink.

The way I usually counter that is to make them explain how their wonderful sounding ideas can be put into actual practice and made reality. Because if what they think is the best way ahead is provably unrealistic then they’re the “rubes” who aren’t nearly so smart as they’ve been told they are.

I.E. “How are you going to pay for all that?”

“Tax the rich and make them pay their fair share!”

“OK, well they already pay more taxes than the rest of the nation combined but leave that for a minute. There isn’t enough private wealth in this nation to operate the country for a full year if every penny of it was confiscated through taxation. I can prove this to you with actual facts and figures. I can even show you a brief video that proves it (Referring to Bill’s “Eat the Rich” video. It’s a little dated now but the principles are still obvious and undeniable.) Do you want me to prove that to you or will you accept it as stipulated?”

If he won’t accept it, show him the video. If he won’t watch the video then tell him he’s afraid of the real numbers and needs to be educated on this if he intends to support it. Because if not then he’s a “rube” for refusing to engage.

If he will accept it as stipulated then you’re back to “How are you REALLY going to pay for this stuff?” And you can go from there.

The thing is, if you’re going to use a tactic like this you really need to know your stuff. You should always start with something basic like “OK, I’m listening. Tell me how you intend to pay for this?”

Let ’em spout a bit before you chop their rube legs out from underneath them. It doesn’t hurt to take some notes and pretend you’re interested. Even though you already know it’s hogswallop, he doesn’t know that. Yet. The notes are real handy for “But you said …”

Approach this with a kindly but passive aggressive stance. Like —

“Gee, I’m sorry about how bad we’ve failed your generation. You’ve really opened my eyes and helped me to see the problem clearly.”

He’ll probably think you’re about to come over to his side when …

“The obvious problem here, where we have really failed you younger people, is that we meant to send you to schools where you’d learn arithmetic instead of activism. You can use arithmetic to make the world better but you can’t use cornpone backwoods-hick magical thinking rube activism to do anything helpful at all. Socio-economic sorcery is a political ploy, it’s not a plan for a better future. If we’d educated your generation properly you’d know that already.”

At that point, if he hasn’t stormed out because you’ve melted his little tin god, you can show him the video about Underpants Gnomes. You’ll both get a chuckle out of that.

The trick is to keep those types on topic and don’t let them deflect with irrelevancies. Keep coming back to the topic even if they say things like “Oh I don’t like Michael Moore either.” (Reply, “See, we have more in common on this than you might think. Now about how you’re going to pay for this …) “Isn’t Bill Whittle one of those Right Wing racist commentators?” (Reply, “No, I’ve never heard him say one racist word but it doesn’t matter. This is about numbers not Bill Whittle so how do you intend to pay for all this?”) Etc.

This works for virtually every Leftist talking point, as long as you know your own argument …

Global Warming — “Yeah, I looked into that a bit. Turns out water vapor drives climate an order of magnitude stronger than CO2. So tell me how we’re going to reduce the water vapor in the atmosphere. That would be a lot more productive than fiddling around with CO2. Unless climate isn’t really your goal that is.

Racial Inequality — “Yeah, racism is sure a bad thing alright. It’s really scary how the Left (don’t give ’em the out by saying ‘Democrats’) is trying to divide this nation along racial lines, huh? Look at all the injustice and unrest that’s generating.”


PS — I won’t know if these embeds worked until I hit “Post Comment” so if not, sorry. My bust. You can also find these by searching YouTube for “Eat the Rich – Bill Whittle” and “Make Profit By Stealing Underpants – SOUTH PARK”

My response to ACTS (TM):
I appreciate your thoughtful and extensive reply. I gotta be honest — discussing politics in my home is NOT encouraged because of the extent to which it creates acrimony. One thing is for sure — neither he, nor his wife, nor MY wife will EVER change their minds about their political bent, so the best and most peaceful approach is to ignore it.
We all know what each other thinks and the way we’re wired. We’re simply not going to change our minds, and that’s the long and short of it.

Question for CC'ers:
How do YOU respond to this situation? I fully recognize that not all CC households are filled with conservatives who, while individuals, think basically similar -- small and limited government, fiscal responsibility, border protection, etc., but there are those -- like mine, that are not constructed in that pattern. I'm especially interested in your viewpoint.

How do you handle the political discussions that ALWAYS result in claptrap and arguments inside the home that NOBODY wins?
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