Author Topic: Fewer Than 1,000 People Show Up for Clinton-Barrett Rally in WI. DOOM!  (Read 406 times)

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Fewer Than 1,000 People Show Up for Bill Clinton-Tom Barrett Rally in Milwaukee
ust four days out from the Wisconsin's historic gubernatorial recall election, former president Bill Clinton and Milwaukee mayor Tom Barrett could only draw a small crowd to a rally Friday on Barrett's home turf.

As the Associated Press notes, the crowd numbered only in the "hundreds," a sign of the enthusiasm gap between Democrats and Republicans that has appeared in some polls. Overcast weather and the short notice of the event (it was announced just yesterday) may have depressed turnout. But a sitting mayor of a Democratic city and a popular former Democratic president still should have been able to draw more than hundreds of people on Friday if Barrett supporters were fired up and ready to go. Congressman Paul Ryan has been known to draw hundreds of people to some of his townhall meetings in the Milwaukee exurbs.

Before Clinton's 18-minute speech, rally-goers were treated to a poem and song, "Hit the Road Scott," by Rep. Gwen Moore. "This guy is 65-years old and he's getting hit on by porn stars," one rallygoer could be heard gushing over Clinton in anticipation of his arrival. "This guy is a god."

 After being introduced by Barrett, Clinton spoke in vague generalities of the need for "creative cooperation" and "shared sacrifice." Clinton said Barrett showed he could balance the budget in Milwaukee through "shared sacrifice" without "breaking the unions." (In fact, the Milwaukee unions wouldn't budge during negotiations last year, and Barrett had to wait for Walker's collective bargaining reforms to take effect in order to exact millions of dollars of concessions from the unions.)

More of the disaster at the link.
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The right wing press once again, condensing a crowd of 10K to just a few hundred.  :rotf:
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Compare and contrast 'On Tuesday we save Wisconsin,' Ryan tells huge Racine TEA Party rally

And they say the tea party will have no say in this election. Fact be known, the tea party is going to have a huge say in this election.

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All of the squalling the last few days about national dems not supporting the recall & that's all they could turn out for the big dawg.  Well, I hope there was at least one decent looking moonbat to make it worth Willie's time.


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