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Via Fox News:

    A U.S. Navy destroyer had another close encounter with an Iranian Revolutionary Guard “fast attack craft” in the Persian Gulf Monday.

    Two U.S. officials tell Fox News that the Iranian ship came within 1,000 yards of the guided missile destroyer USS Mahan with its weapons manned.

    The officials said the Mahan altered course to avoid the Iranian warship, sounded the danger signal, fired flares and manned its own weapons.

    The Iranian ship did not come closer than 1,000 yards and no warning shots were fired.

    “Coming inbound at a high rate of speed like that and manning weapons, despite clear warnings from the ship, is obviously provocative behavior,” said one American official in describing the Iranian actions.
Trump's wall reversal will cost GOP in future talks, Republicans fear                                                                                                      
If this is true, then it essentially signals THE END OF DONALD TRUMP.  Not only Donald Trump, but the entire Republican Party. 

He cannot win in court, and has been easily man-handled by four federal judges who for all intents and purposes have completely stripped him of any and all executive authority - creating worse than a lame duck and all within his first 100 days.

Not only will the left continue to whittle away at him, but his entire conservative base will cast him off like a leper in the middle of the royal court of London.

He is folding way to easily.  He has surrendered without a fight.
by David M. Drucker | Apr 26, 2017

Republicans fear that President Trump has weakened their position in legislative negotiations by caving on his demand for border wall funding.

Trump on Tuesday continued to walk back his threat to withhold $7 billion for Obamacare subsidies from an omnibus spending bill and let the government shut down on Saturday if Democrats opposed a dollar-for-dollar swap in funding for a wall along the Southern border.

The legislation, to fund the government through Oct. 1, was expected to include an appropriation for border enforcement, a provision the White House was touting as a win and part of necessary planning in advance of wall construction.

But by throwing down the gauntlet and retreating on a key priority, Republican insiders and conservative activists alike worry that Trump has undercut the party's advantage and emboldened Democrats in future talks impacting all sorts of policies.

"He violated the basic rules of negotiations the same way Republicans have been preemptively surrendering on every budget bill until now," said Daniel Horowitz, senior editor of Conservative Review.

"The difference is that Trump was elected precisely to change the culture of preemptive surrender and weakness in negotiating with Democrats."
 Wed Apr 26, 2017 | 12:00am EDT

China court sentences U.S. citizen to jail for espionage, then orders deportation

A Chinese court on Tuesday sentenced a U.S. citizen to three-years and six-months in prison for espionage but then ordered she be deported, her lawyer said, in a case that has added to U.S.-China tension.

Sandy Phan-Gillis, who has Chinese ancestry and is a naturalized U.S. citizen, was arrested in March 2015 while about to leave mainland China for the Chinese-ruled, former Portuguese colony of Macau, and had been held without charges since then.

She had plead guilty during a trial in the southwestern city of Nanning and was not planning to appeal, lawyer Shang Baojun told Reuters.

"She will probably be exported to the U.S. soon, but we do not know the exact date yet," Shang said, adding that she was being held in a police station in the meantime.
Similar to observing the sudden mass exodus of Russians back to Russia in the event of an impending war with Russia, the sudden mass evacuations of practically every American civilian in South Korea would certainly indicate the war on the peninsula was imminent.

If the evacuations of that scale of civilians and military dependents does occur, it will be years, if ever that military dependents are once again allowed to accompany military sponsors in Korea.

June is over a month away.  Hopefully sanity will prevail and this will not happen.

But how can anyone predict sanity coming from the likes of madman Kim Jong-un.

Perhaps one of the best situations that can be hoped for is for his own military to perform their own coup.

By Thomas Hunt
UPDATED: 15:53, Mon, Apr 24, 2017

DONALD Trump has demanded the evacuation of US citizens from South Korea as part of a drill named Courageous Channel, military sources have revealed.

The operation, set to take place in June, will prepare for the safe exit of around 230,000 Americans in the case of conflict.

If the Pyongyang was to attack, tens of thousands of American civilians, including military dependents residing in and around the capital city of Seoul, could very well be caught in the crossfire.

A major dilemma for the US is how to keep these Americans safe and evacuate them in the event of hostilities.

Seoul is just 35 miles from the border, well within range of more than 12,000 North Korean artillery guns that they have already positioned to strike from dug-in and well-camouflaged positions.

According to reports, the reclusive state would activate sleeper agents in the South to direct missile and artillery fire.

It is estimated that the North has the capability to fire, using rocket-assisted projectiles, 500,000 rounds of both mortar ammunition and chemical weapons on Seoul in just the first hour of war.
Health & Fitness / Re: which one is worse?
« Last post by dutch508 on April 25, 2017, 11:48:25 PM »
Haven't heard a word...
I  think he was supposed to be home Friday if all went as planned.
Hopefully they just decided to keep him a few extra days for benign reasons.
Let us know when you you are up and around Frank, lots of people here praying for your quick recovery!

I've not gotten a phone call and if something bad would have happened I would have, so...

Health & Fitness / Re: which one is worse?
« Last post by FunkyZero on April 25, 2017, 11:42:54 PM »
Haven't heard a word...
I  think he was supposed to be home Friday if all went as planned.
Hopefully they just decided to keep him a few extra days for benign reasons.
Let us know when you you are up and around Frank, lots of people here praying for your quick recovery!
The DUmpster / Re: Who do we call to get an Independent Prosecutor? LaydeeBug
« Last post by BamaMoose on April 25, 2017, 11:26:36 PM »
Well, actually my schadenboner's schadenboner (I'll now be referring to this schadenboner as my "grandschadenboner") is my grandfather.

Now you may wonder how this happened. I'll tell you, my first scheadenboner, after becoming sentient, used my time machine designs I used to go back and have orgies with Misses Welsh, Eden, Montgomery, Fawcett, Maryanne, 99, Endora (YEAH.. Endora, she knew things) .... and used it to send my grandschadenboner back to conceive my father. Don't ask me about the math on this, just trust. The bottom line is that I am caught up in a schadenboner time loop (2009-2016 not included).

Imagine if you will caught in a wagon wheel of time with your schadenboners. What would you say to the schadenboner behind you, in front, are you a schadenboner but don't knower. Is your schadenboner a "shower" or a "grower"? it gets a little complicated after this but rest assured and bathe in the soft, sweet, goodness of knowing Hillary Clinton will never be president. Whether you shower, grower, or knower, that right there is a pretty good feeling.

* The term schadenboner was used at the same frequency of the terms I, me, or mine in the typical speech or long winded answer to a planted reporter in the WHPP by King Barak "Shit Midas" Obama.

Now that is some wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey-stuff.
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