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Re: The Conservative Cave Traveling Library
« Reply #25 on: November 15, 2014, 12:30:09 PM »
First installment on book report from the 1st book to ever be sent out into the world of the CC traveling library...Liberty and Tyranny...

Chapters 1-4
The book is based on a quote of what liberty means to 2 men.
The prologue is an introduction to statists, statism, and counterrevolutionaries.
Avalon Project: Atlas: CATO: Heritate: Hillsdale: Chapman.
The conservative manifesto includes the issues of taxation, environment, judges, bureaucracy, education, immigration, entitlements, foreign policy, faith, and the constitution.
Levin references Adam Smith (spontaneous order), John Locke (natural rights) Charles Montesquieu (separation of powers)and Edmund(sp?) Burke (father of conservatism).
Levin observes...libs (whom he calls statists) are expert at surreptitiously creating soft tyranny always leading to hard tyranny. (p18)
Levin refers to James Madison Federalist 51 (government of angels).
Statists (libs) favor agitation demogoguery. (p22)
Levin quotes Edmund Burke before expounding..."Prudence is the highest virtue. For it is drawn on wisdom". (p28)
Then he quotes CS Lewis "A tyranny for the good of it's victim may be the most oppressive". (p36)
Secularism and statism are compared and contrasted. (p44)
Levin addresses the imaginary "wall" and separation of church and state. (p46)
Among Levin's discourse on the subject he observes there is no society without morality, no morality without faith, and no faith without God.
Then he concludes God is the author of freedom.

Next installment...chapter 4
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