Author Topic: Watertown Police Chief: Dzhokhar Killed Brother by Running over Him(New details)  (Read 30011 times)

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I never shot a round DA unless directly instructed to do so, and nobody ever did tell me to do that on a qual range.


Same here.  Both the M1911 and the M9.  Expert on both (but the .45 ACP was just a noisemaker, as far as I was concerned).
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Quote from: ADiii on April 21, 2013, 09:02:19 am
I was going to let this slide, but I changed my mind. You guys are far easy targets for me to let you get away with this:

There you go children. Thanks for playing! I'm off to look for worthy opponents. You don't qualify.

Typical response from a DUmmie losing an argument! Cowards every one of them.

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