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Re: Guilty Pleasures
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I read quite a few of her books, and the earlier ones are really good, but I had to stop at some point when Anita started sleeping with all the male characters and I realized that I really didn't like any of them any more.  I complete agree that the later ones are overly focused on sex and sacrifice the story.  The earlier ones had a real plot, in the later ones, the plot got lost. 

Very true.  I don't mind a "steamy" story, but I like to see some plot too.  Sometimes I think Hamilton is just indulging her own erotic fantasies in keeping this series going.  When she gets the sex out of her system and settles down to telling a story, she can create a great read.  For example, I thought Obsidian Butterfly was excellent.  This may have something to do with the fact that the plot takes place in New Mexico, far away from Richard, Jean Claude and the whole dysfunctional crew.
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