Author Topic: Wizbang weekend photo caption contest winners - too priceless to pass up!  (Read 1881 times)

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1) (fustian) - "All right, who put the Ron Paul sticker on Kucinich?"

2) (Pretzel_Logic) - "Rubber Baby Bumper Sticker."

3) (Son Of The Godfather) - "Why Kevin Federline should get full custody."

4) (rodney dill) - "In the end the Lollipop Guild were the only loyal supporters of Ron Paul."

5) (Justrand) - "Ron Paul's campaign manager takes time out from his busy schedule to pee his pants."

6) (DJ Drummond) - "... Sadly, the bullies proved to little Billy that there WAS something worse than a wedgie."

The Readers Choice Award this week went to fustian's winning entry. I offer another of my personal favorites that sums it all up:

(gmax) - "In the end, Ron Paul finishes right about where we expected him to."

I can see November 2 from my house!!!

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"Another RonPaul supporter who's 'behind' in his work".   :-)
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Poo is Ron Paul?
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Funny...I always thought gator was taller than that.
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