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The Forest's Edge Part One
« on: January 05, 2008, 05:07:38 PM »
Five years ago, I was an admin for another board which has long since passed into oblivion. A few days ago, I was rummaging through some old backup CD's..and found this.

There will be more to come.

Introduction: Acknowledgement is given to the creator of one of the greatest books on animals, Richard Adams "Watership Down" for inspiration. Thanks also to the Wardancing Weasel, for creative assistance.

Tavek paused on the ridge, his eyes scanning carefully. Above, the clouds scudded west, the hint of moisture in the air a harbinger of approaching winter. The snows would not be for some weeks, but the seasons were turning now, and even if the pack moved both day and night, it was unlikely they'd reach the High Forest before first snowfall.

To the east, their trail lay behind them, the river that had almost taken two lives of his pack flowing freely, giving no hint of the lethal icy cold currents in its depths. Tavek cursed again, berating himself for his carelessness. Any idiot would know that the runoff at this time of year would be from the frigid mountain springs..and that oversight on his part had led to a near tragedy.

Megar, his mate, had said nothing, but she had stared at him for a few seconds, her anguish and fury at his lapse all too evident.

"Next leg is over that hill, then eight miles due west" he muttered to himself. "Got to find a place to shelter and feed , then push on in a day or so." The sound of paws behind him made his ears flick..then relax as the familiar scent of his Second, an older grey wolf named Morvat, wafted into his nostrils.

"The pups're feelin' the cold, Tavek...if we don't get 'em into cover soon, they'll slow us down." he warned,appraising the terrain. "When we get into the open, that wind is going to freeze 'em solid..and quickly."

Tavek paused...then sighed."Yes, I know, old friend...that's worrying me too."

Morvat sniffed the wind, his nose wrinkling, testing the air."No snow..yet". His weather sense was almost legend, this grey warrior with scars from a dozen of the very few who had undertaken the Great Trek north..barely a handful from the pack had returned, scrawny and starving..but alive to tell the tale.

He dropped his muzzle, and one eye twitched in suppressed amusement. "Solhe wants a word".

Solhe, the eldest female and self appointed child guardian was a fierce and courageous guardian of the young..and a perpetual thorn in Tavek's paw. Even though Tavek was pack alpha male, she incessantly reminded everyone, especially him, of her duty to the young..even when it was plainly obvious. She was also a deadly fighter and a devoted mother to her cubs. She was both an annoyance...and one of the pack's most revered elder females.

Tavek dropped to his stomach, and laid his head on his paws in mock despair. "And i thought we were ALREADY in enough trouble"

Morvat paused, then started chuckling, his muted approving growl deep in his throat. "Keep that thought when you speak to her..she's saying we won't find any prey for a week or so."

"WHAT?" Tavek barked, no longer amused. "There are hunting grounds less than a day's journey from here, and she knows it. She may be from Cave Walking's pack , but what in the name of the Seven Leaders is she trying to do??"

His companion paused, weighing his words carefully. " I don't know..and I don't like it".

Tavek sighed, his ears flicking back in annoyance."Shall we see what snarls she has in her fur this time?"

The older wolf growled again, not angry but disquieted at this sign of unrest, In normal circumstances these issues were settled quickly. Tavek's task was to guide the Pack through this migration, and a challenge for change in leadership was not only unwise at this was dangerous.

"I'll watch your back" he muttered, and the two wolves loped towards the cluster of the trees where the rest of the pack were resting.
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Re: The Forest's Edge Part One
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Cool....looking forward to the rest.