Author Topic: For the lurking Dimtards~  (Read 165 times)

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For the lurking Dimtards~
« on: January 31, 2021, 06:13:33 AM »
I am so relieved that we are shutting down a clean pipeline so that we can buy oil from the non-regulated Middle East and have it transported thousands of miles across our vulnerable oceans by hundreds of enormous gas-guzzling tankers that dump their untreated oily bilge directly into our oceans. Science, right?  :o

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Re: For the lurking Dimtards~
« Reply #1 on: January 31, 2021, 07:02:42 AM »
And they will be transporting it on uncle warren buffets choo choo train as well.
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Re: For the lurking Dimtards~
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2021, 04:50:36 PM »
"Come on man."  I just got a Sunday delivery from Amazon.  A new LI battery for my laptop which I am stres testing as I type.  Gee, I wonder why it comes ground?  Ya suppose it has anything to do with Value Jet crashing into the Everglades years ago?  Naw, that would be unpossible.  LI batteries safe as mothers milk and a by product of Unicorn farts, right??    :whistling:

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