Author Topic: 'Shots fired' at a pro-Trump car caravan in LA: SWAT team swarms apartment to fi  (Read 42 times)

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'Shots fired' at a pro-Trump car caravan in LA: SWAT team swarms apartment to find 'gunman' less than 24 hours after a MAGA supporter was killed in Portland as the president's fans rally across the country

SWAT teams reportedly swarmed on an LA apartment complex on Sunday afternoon, following reports of possible shots fired on a street where a large caravan of Trump supporters was passing through.

A woman driving past the caravan in Woodland Hills said she heard what sounded like gunshots around 11:30am local time and then noticed her tire was flat after being damaged by a projectile, possibly a bullet, LAPD said.

Another witness told police that they had seen a person with a firearm stood on the balcony of a nearby apartment building in the 20600 block of Ventura Boulevard.

Police say they later obtained a photo of a man holding a rifle on a balcony of the same apartment building. The kind of rifle he was holding wasn't specified.

A Trump supporter in Los Angeles was shot at.

'It was not a BB,' Rodriguez said of the alleged gunfire. 'It was possible a .22 caliber .25 caliber weapon based on the evidence at the car.'

LAPD previously said the initial calls reported that someone had been throwing bottles at passing vehicles and brandished a gun in the area of Ventura Boulevard and Chalk Hill.

The Pro-Trump caravan had been passing through the area, with its final destination slated for Studio City.

There were no reported injuries and the caravan continued on its planned route, police said. It’s still unclear whether any shots were fired.
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