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Alveda King tells protesters: 'If you find yourself going into a rage over a statue, step back'

Fox News contributor Alveda King, a niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., told "Your World" Monday that statues of historic figures can be problematic because of the potential for them to be seen as "idols."

"I don't believe that we should fight over the statues," she told host Neil Cavuto. "I do feel like statues can be idols. Some people idolize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Some people admire Martin Luther King Jr. Some people hate Martin Luther King Jr."

King told host Neil Cavuto that she agreed with attorney Benjamin Crump, who told Cavuto Saturday that violently tearing down statues is not the most advisable way to effect change.

"The gentleman (Crump) that you just had on, [saying] that, 'Why don't we leave them up and find out why they were there, what we have learned from that?'" she said. "Perhaps you can even place a plaque."

King added that statues of Confederate military leaders and others that have been vandalized, torn down or are being taken down, came from a time when Americans "did not understand that we are one human race."

There is no reasoning with those rioters tearing down statues. It is cultural nihilism.
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