Author Topic: Chaotic COVID Response Sparks Revival In Once Despised Plastics Industry  (Read 53 times)

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Chaotic COVID Response Sparks Revival In Once Despised Plastics Industry

We penned a piece last week describing how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommended single-use disposable items (i.e., plasticware: plastic cups, dishes, straws, and utensils) to all restaurants across the country for reopening.

It certainly seemed odd, and a little illogical, that, somehow, single-use food-service items would replace traditional restaurant ware, all because the government said it would limit the spread of COVID-19.

Maybe Gov. Gavin Newsom was right when he questioned surface transmission of the virus and blamed plastic and petrochemical manufacturers for "trying to influence CDC guidelines for reopening food establishments in their favor."

If you've noticed, the use of plastics has increased during the pandemic, from restaurants to grocery stores, plastic is back in a very big way because the government says its more sanitary.

The left hates plastic and now its coming back because of COVID-19.

The left is so quixotic.  :mental:
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The "dreaded" one use plastic bags have made a triumphant return to my local Smart and Final and they dont even charge for them.

I'm feeling so nostalgic.
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This is really a very stupid thing to worry about at this point.  Most restaurants have only been doing take out meals.

They aren't ****ing idiots. They aren't going to give away metal silverware with each meal. WTF?