Author Topic: Costco Is Now Refusing Returns on High-Demand Items Like Rice And Toilet Paper  (Read 141 times)

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Costco Is Now Refusing Returns on High-Demand Items Like Rice And Toilet Paper

Notices posted at Costco this week indicate the store is no longer accepting returns on key items that many are stocking up on the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The signs, posted by several Costco Instagram accounts (not affiliated with the store itself), indicate that returns are not being accepted on toilet paper, paper towels, rice, water, sanitizing wipes, and Lysol.

It's not clear if the new policy is store-by-store or part of a national corporate push. Costco announced limits earlier this week on certain items that have seen a spike in purchases as customers stock up. This could be part of that policy, but we've reached out to Costco for more information. For the time being, it's best to refer to your local Costco for more information on its policies.

Regardless, commenters had positive things to say about the new policy, hoping that it will lead to fewer people panic-buying these items, as well as risking unnecessary contact by attempting to return them later.

spanone (119,180 posts)

1. who returns food or toilet paper?

bullwinkle428 (17,752 posts)

4. My guess is, profiteering assholes who hoped to make a quick buck, and realizing that

their scheme wasn't going to quite work out.

Good for Costco. Make the shitheads stand on a street corner, trying to sell their extra booty at cost.

Here's the money shot ... look at this next post;

NurseJackie (30,804 posts)

8. I've returned food to Costco on several occasions.

If it's something that tastes awful, then I'm not going to power-through 20 more servings. I'm also not going to feed that many servings to the raccoons either (they only get table scraps).

Costco cheerfully accepts returns... and that keeps me wanting to try new things because I know it's "risk free" if I really don't like it. Costco's return policy basically means that I end up buying more, rather than playing it safe and only buying things (standards and staples) that I know we'll like.

Wow!  I would never in a million years consider doing this.  Go into a store, buy something that's perfectly good, take it home and try it, decide I don't like the way it tastes, then RETURN it, because it costs ME nothing?!  Damn.

Nobody calls her out for it either.  Not directly.

MissB (12,558 posts)

15. Costco is particularly generous about returns

Ridiculously so. I’m glad they are limiting returns on these items

customerserviceguy (23,383 posts)

37. We all pay

for generous return policies.

Dream Girl (2,073 posts)

33. Costco accepts almost everything.iveseen this policy badly abused. After Memorial Day people return

Hamburger, chicken and other food item. Of course they are destroyed.

Dream Girl (2,073 posts)

35. No they imposed limits on it s and it isn't work. People over purchased anyway thinking I could jus

Return unused items later. This will help to curb some of that behavior

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For many decades LLBean had a fantastic return policy until it was abused by DUmmies to the point that they finally had to change it.  :mad:
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Costco: Let speculators eat rice ... till it comes out of their ears!

Works for me.
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The NurseJackie primitive has gotten upset before because someone used the phrase “trailer trash” in reference to individuals who live in mobile homes. You see, she lives in one. But then you see her attitude and you know why certain people who live in mobile homes get labeled trailer trash, which is what she is.


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