Author Topic: Post Trump, there must be prosecutions  (Read 109 times)

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Post Trump, there must be prosecutions
« on: February 13, 2020, 07:54:48 PM »
Star Member vlyons (6,818 posts)

Post Trump, there must be prosecutions

I like Warren's idea of a special independent task force in the Justice Dept to investigate corruption and obstruction of justice. That includes all those, who refused to answer to a congressional subpoena, Trump himself, and those who interferred in ongoing investigations. It isn't enough to just fire all the Trump appointees. There must be q wealth of documents about Trump's crimes that are as yet undiscovered. And if there is evidence that Trump colluded with Putin to lift sanctions and/or endanger our troops, that's treason.

You couldn't find anything in three years of digging... but now- you know... somewhere... there is treason!.  :whatever:

Star Member vlyons (6,818 posts)

2. There won't be any pardons

and Pence can't be allowed to simply retreat back to retirement. He's in this corruption up to his neck also.

Ferryboat (149 posts)

3. While i believe there must be accountability

Political investigations of previous administration's is what 3rd world governments do. Persecutions of political opponents is a bad idea.

Maybe something along the lines of the south African model. Truth and reconciliation council? The truth needs to be exposed in some fashion for the historical record.

Star Member vlyons (6,818 posts)

7. Phooey on that

There were plenty of people convicted from the Nixon administration, including his VP Agnew and his AG John Mitchell. John Dean his top WH lawyer, and Erlichman and Haldeman, his goon fixers. We need to do similar post Trump. This isn't about vengence and pay back. It's about justice and demonstrating to future generations that ours is a nation of laws and equal justice before the law.


Star Member Poiuyt (14,210 posts)

12. Trump and his fascist cronies must be held accountable

They did it after WWII, though that was different.

Avoid appearance of partisanship with an independent counsel

Star Member kag (2,883 posts)

31. Not SO different.

So far we haven't seen mass exterminations of people, but we've seen plenty of deaths that can be traced back to this lawless administration. And we've seen even more lives ruined due to incarceration, poverty, homelessness, and just downright despair. So much of these tragedies were completely preventable and, I would argue, caused by criminal behavior on the part of people who have no accountability.

They need to be held accountable for the laws they have broken. I agree it needs to be an independent and apolitical process, but they MUST pay for their crimes.


Caliman73 (5,453 posts)

33. There is a big difference between persecution and prosecuting crimes.

A very clear example.

Hillary Clinton's emails and Benghazi v. Trump's current Russia/Ukraine situation.

There were 7 separate investigations into Benghazi and the emails, for which documents and testimony from Hillary Clinton herself was provided. NONE of those investigations discovered anything that was criminally actionable. YET, there appear to be more investigations scheduled by the Senate. Why? No investigation from ANY department has found anything to go after.

Trump's first investigation did not yield clear evidence of a conspiracy to commit a crime, however, there was a great deal of interference with the investigation which concluded with up to 10 instances of obstruction of justice. Several high ranking people or people close to Trump face multiple charges, have been convicted, and are facing sentencing for their crimes. Several people implicated Trump directly in trying to extort Ukraine into interfering in the 2020 election. The entire time this has been investigated Trump has been actively trying to corrupt the investigation and interfere in any way possible.

I agree with the Truth and reconciliation idea, however, Trump continues to deny accountability and interfere in the process of justice. His supporters in government also continue to abuse their power to assist him. There will never be "truth" from them therefore a judicial and prosecutorial route must be taken.

Hillary had secret documents in her private server. Each one was a felony. She destroyed evidence. Felony. She lied to investigators. Felony. Just because the DPJ sat on their ass doesn't mean crimes weren't committed. Looks like Obama was also guilty as he knew... and sent classified information to Hillary's private e-mail. Each one was a felony. A 'normal' person or a Republican would have been in prison by now. A Dem? eh....  :whatever:

shockey80 (3,030 posts)

5. I have posted about this a few times.

When the Democrats take back the White house, the new AG will need a bigger office. The Democratic voters must contact their representatives and the new President and demand retribution and justice. We must not accept our new president saying these words.

We must move forward and bring the country together, we can't focus on the past. BULLSHIT!

hangaleft (54 posts)

50. ****in' A Ditty Bag!

Rather crass, but it best reflects my position on this non-issue.

Any candidate who says “We must move forward” and/or “put the past in the past” or expresses similar sentiments loses all of my respect and does not have my support for the Democratic nomination.

Call me guilty of having a litmus test. Call me a purity test voter. Call me any damned thing you want. But a candidate who refuses to vow, as Elizabeth Warren has, to pursue justice against those who have trampled upon our democracy, does not get my support during the primary season.

jr1118x (73 posts)

6. They have stacked the courts With as many Fedal judges the pushed into place I think they have enough layers to protect them for a long time. The courts have been stacked Look at what they have done to the 9th circuit court for example. If we even survive his reign, I dont think the next several generations even have a chance of returning to normal, let alone punishing them. It's so disheartening to see the foundation of our country being demolished every day and knowing they likely will have gotten away with it while good decent people suffer.

Perseus (3,992 posts)

17. Yes, and they all must be fired and investigated

I am sure they are doing the deeds of the criminal-in-chief.

 :o    :bird:

Nasruddin (326 posts)

21. Judiciary Act of 1789

We've learned a lot since 1789. It's time to completely re-do this. Every bit of it.

This is the act that created the Justice Dept and the federal court system. It's all bad.


matt819 (8,079 posts)

36. 150% agree

Sure, it will be time to look forward, but we must investigate and prosecute. And the time to design the infrastructure and prioritize investigations is now. I don't know where this would be, but it has to start not. There will be no time to lose once a Democrat is in the WH. Think tank? Bloomberg? A Democratic counterpart to the Lincoln Project? A foundation? I don't know, but it will require funding, and smart people. And it has to be ready to work with whichever Democrat gets the nomination and wins the election.

In the same category of "rapid reaction," the Democrats also need to set up a 50-state infrastructure to monitor and respond to threats and reports of election irregularities, even the bogus ones that will be coming from the trump campaign, e.g., hundreds of buses from Massachusetts.

This will take dedication and funding. Not bullshit politics and theater, but a full-scale "operation." Reports of hundreds of buses? Get people out on the road to verify and then report, within minutes, that it is a lie. Or reports of voter machine weirdness, lawyers and techs on call to move within minutes.

Paranoid? I don't think so.


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Re: Post Trump, there must be prosecutions
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2020, 10:50:35 PM »
Despite three years of trying they couldn't even come up with a crime to impeach him for.

Would some lurking DUmmie please pop into this thread and let us know a single crime that Trump's committed?  (Hint: Beating Hillary isn't a crime.)

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Re: Post Trump, there must be prosecutions
« Reply #2 on: February 14, 2020, 08:44:44 AM »
Please, DUmb- :censored: s, make this a plank in the Dem Party Platform!
Facts don't matter to DUpipo

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