Author Topic: Don't be fooled: This just the first step to legalizing gay sex in the RCC  (Read 824 times)

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It’s “Certain”: Francis Will Abolish Celibacy in South America – And Elsewhere
The semi-official (January 16) announces that it is “certain” that Francis will abolish celibacy in early February via his Amazon Exhortation.

The measure will first regard the nine countries which have a part of the Amazon basin, IlSismografo writes.

They are: Peru, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana, Bolivia, Suriname and French Guiana.

IlSismografo pretends that Francis impending decision was “authorized” by the Amazon Synod.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Amazon Synod was an authentic Robber Synod to which Francis invited a selected group of ignorant Pachamama bishops with the only task to rubberstamp decisions that were made beforehand.

The present problem of the Church is not a lack of priests but the theological, spiritual and moral decadence of the papacy and the bishops. The lack of priests is a consequence of this.

The problem will not be removed by “ordaining” second-class priests.
If Francis is not the False Prophet, then he is a satanic dry run.
I am sorry if you are Catholic and have to endure the sacrilege foisted upon you.

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Re: Don't be fooled: This just the first step to legalizing gay sex in the RCC
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2020, 02:23:02 PM »
Dunno. Hasn't he been going after predators?

Personally, I don't think that two guys or two girls having a relationship is wrong. How they live their life with their personal values of integrity and honor and community are what I believe have far, far more weight. I would take a dozen conservative gay couples over a single straight liberal one. Having the church back off of this would be fantastic. After all, weren't much of the reasons for being against same-sex couples tied to issues of the day? Such as low population and disease? Aren't they in the same ilk of why eating pork is bad to Muslims? As in, its because of something they didn't understand (pork had a tendency to cause illness)?

Nowadays, its perfectly safe for a same sex couple to be together, healthily, and not cause risk to one another. And if they are consecrated by the church itself and they are welcomed with open arms into society, doesn't that also defeat the worries that they had? They don't have to hide, for one, which means they can be open with their communities, and help their communities without being ostracized. Just going to say, gay folks and their bake sales rival gramma's baking.

I think this fits some of the more staunch religious views of the right just as well as the crazy leftists on the other side:

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Incoherent blathering.
Secular figures can legislate whatever they choose, as long as compliant masses passively accept it
and so what, as these Matters are driven by Mankind's material sensibilities.
In contrast, Matters involving abortion & homosexuality, for example, involve Man's spiritual sensibilities
and are not defined by legislation; regardless what our political assholery and their devotees insist.
As for Francis, he is a Roman Catholic in form only and on his last legs, if medical reports ae accurate.
Pray that the College of Cardinals has mustered enough wisdom to choose someone who both
understands and accepts the essence of the Roman Catholic Faith