Author Topic: 43% Support Trump's Order to Kill Soleimani  (Read 262 times)

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43% Support Trump's Order to Kill Soleimani
« on: January 06, 2020, 07:48:19 PM »
Star Member applegrove (91,109 posts)

43% Support Trump’s Order to Kill Soleimani

January 6, 2020 at 2:54 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 197 Comments


A new HuffPost/YouGov survey found that 43% of voters said they supported President Trump’s order to kill Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. Among that pool, 30% said they strongly approved of the decision.

Thirty-eight percent of voters said they disapproved of the military action.



Star Member guillaumeb (37,867 posts)

1. I would say this is meaningless, but it is close to Trump's general approval rating.

What did Lincoln say about fooling some of the people all of the time?

It's a HUFFPO poll so it was already heavily skewed left...

Amishman (1,912 posts)

31. It's more depressing than his approval rating

At least there a majority disapprove.

This was a plurality in support of his action


43% Support Trump’s Order to Kill Soleimani > 38% of voters said they disapproved of the military action.


sunonmars (6,205 posts)

4. 43% would approve of Trump gunning down children on the streets of DC. THEY DON'T CARE

Seriously, these morons are so far gone, he can do anything and they'd believe it was someone else's fault or was divined by God.

Star Member Hoyt (40,815 posts)

7. I think this is a loser for us, as it stands right now.

19% are not sure whether they approve or disapprove. Only 38% disapproved (with 26% strongly disapproving).

Also, 71% think Iran is a serious threat to us (with 11% not sure). That's a lot of folks not trusting Iran.

It is a little early for a poll to reflect much on the airstrike, but I bet this pretty much blows over in a few days. Oil prices are almost back to where they were before airstrike.

I'd like to see us move back to impeachment, the 2020 election, etc. I don't support trump's action, but the vast majority of people don't seem upset by the airstrike.

I also hope this is a good reason to leave Iraq. As long as we have troops in the Middle East -- especially Iraq -- this junk is going to happen no matter who is Prez.


Star Member onecaliberal (14,806 posts)

9. Just wait until shit starts blowing up here...

DUmpmonkiez are giddy with the thoughts of Americans dying to terror attacks on US soil because somehow they think it will make Trump look bad.

Star Member Hoyt (40,815 posts)

12. If that happens, trump will just blast away at Iran with what appears would be support from a lot of voters.

I hope to heck that doesn't happen. Personally, if we can have nukes, I see no reason for bombing other countries to keep them from getting the same.

Star Member 0rganism (22,354 posts)

22. the fact that approval isn't at least 70% indicates Trump still has some PR work to do

to poll under 50% approval for offing an alleged terrorist mastermind is surprising, that stuff is typically used as a show piece for our bloodthirsty population
at this point, all Iran would have to do to capitalize on the situation is... nothing.

All it shows is the hate the left has for the USA.

dlk (5,860 posts)

8. No matter how many Americans support the assassination of Soleimani, it's stilll a war crime


Star Member applegrove (91,109 posts)

11. Nope. Soleimani was killing civilians and US forces in Iraq. You do that and you may be legally taken out as a terrorist. I'm thinking it was bad and may lead to war but Soleimani was a state sponsored terrorist killing innocents.

Oh, boy... here we go: 'Do you know how many children the republicans have killed?'

OliverQ (2,511 posts)

13. Do you know how many hundreds of thousands of civilians we have killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan war?

Star Member onecaliberal (14,806 posts)

15. Millions over the years.

Star Member lunatica (45,717 posts)

10. They should ask that question every month

I bet we’d see approval numbers tank. Some Americans are just dazzled by the thought of killing others, especially if they’re brown AND Muslim, but not so dazzled by our people getting killed.

These polls are stupid and predictable. It’s always the same. Idiots will be idiots no matter how often their idiocy slams them upside their idiotic heads.


kwolf68 (6,487 posts)

19. 43% are idiots

This was a completely unprovoked, unconstitutional act of war. Period. The same lies and BS will accompany this war that accompanies the last war (and the one we still wage). We are "taxed enough already", can't provide higher education, quality infrastructure and health care to our people, but by *******it we never avoid a war and by the time the corporate media and probably a few Democratic sellouts get done, we'll be playing the anthem and waving flags. Wash/Rinse/Repeat. This is all being lead by the most incompetent of men, a real piece of vermin. What's that make us?


Star Member Pachamama (13,977 posts)

26. And the vast majority of those people didn't even know who the **** he was until 3 days ago

Sick - the culture of death.

Star Member applegrove (91,109 posts)

32. Saying what Trump did is not a war crime yet is not being supportive of the killing.

Downtown Hound (12,012 posts)

40. Bullshit

Assassination of a foreign national is illegal under both international and U.S. law. The U.S. would have to be at war with Iran for this to be considered legal, and we are not. We were at war with Al Qaeda after 9-11, that was different. Congress authorized military action. And actually we were at war with them even before that, because they very specifically declared war against us in an official declaration.

No state of war exists with Iran. This was straight up murder. Call it a war crime or call it a crime. It was illegal under both international and U.S. law. Oh, and it was really ****ing stupid too.

 :bird: Shut up, Hippy!  :bird:

Star Member applegrove (91,109 posts)

42. He was not at war but Soleimani did a campaign of roadside bombs in Iraq against americans troops and civilians to get the US to leave Iraq to them. Terrorism. Soleimani was a state sponsored terrorist. I agree it was stupid to kill him. Also stupid to rip up the anti nuke agreement John Kerry negotiated. Radical islam was becoming less popular after ISIS. Bet this revs it up again. This was bad.

Downtown Hound (12,012 posts)

43. Nope. Sorry.

Supporting a local population resisting an illegal foreign invasion is not terrorism. By that rationale, the American support of Afghanistan in its resistance to the Soviet Union, or Tibetan exiles against China, or God knows how many other times we have done this, could also be considered terrorism. And that means other countries would have a right to kill our military generals.

Star Member maryellen99 (3,110 posts)

36. Wonder how many of that 43% are end timers?

Beside the Shi'a, including the entire state of Iran?

doc03 (22,831 posts)

46. 43% would support him if he raped and murdered a 6 year old on nationwide TV.

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Re: 43% Support Trump's Order to Kill Soleimani
« Reply #1 on: January 06, 2020, 10:31:42 PM »
Okay, I think it's safe to say the dems have lost the argument on this one. All I can see from their side is flailing about trying to find reasons to oppose the killing, all of which are bunk.

Trump didn't have the authority? Yes, he did.

Americans hadn't heard of Soleimani? Irrelevant.

Soleimani wasn't a terrorist? Ha ha ha ha!

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Re: 43% Support Trump's Order to Kill Soleimani
« Reply #2 on: January 07, 2020, 01:46:15 AM »
>Star Member applegrove (91,109 posts) 43% Support Trump’s Order to Kill Soleimani

100% of normal humans support eliminating islam filth and their supporters.  It is happening now.  Fight the good and perish. 

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Re: 43% Support Trump's Order to Kill Soleimani
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2020, 10:49:03 AM »
My guess is this oversampled leftist/democrats by more than the customary 8-10 points.  It is from the all white female CIS editorial board of Huffpooo.
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