Author Topic: 266,000 Jobs My Ass - Wait For Another 500,000 Jobs Revision Like Last Time  (Read 214 times)

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DanieRains (69 posts)

266,000 Jobs My Ass - Wait For Another 500,000 Jobs Revision Like Last Time

Who is stupid enough to print, or publicize any number coming from Trump's minions.

Who wants to bet the number is phony and will be revised "bigly"?

The highest revision in history!


(just like last time)

If this were Obozo news you would have to change your underwear.

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Well, it is correct that the October jobs numbers were revised ... :-) ... you know it's coming ... :tongue: ........... UPWARD.

Facts aside, this is just a LPC Noob trying to build DUmp Cred. :rotf:
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Facts don't matter to DUpipo


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As my French friends say "Proofs?"
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