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After Trump, Where Will Republicans Go?
« on: August 29, 2019, 06:14:14 PM »
NanceGreggs (24,813 posts)

After Trump, Where Will Republicans Go?

That was a question asked of me in response to a recent OP, wherein I talked about taking our country back from Trump-humpers.

The answer is simple. Republican voters will go where they always go, i.e. wherever they’re told to go by the PTB in their party.

I’ve written before about how the GOP has spent decades cultivating the easily-led: low-info voters, low-IQ voters – and, most particularly, Evangelicals. The reason for this strategy is obvious on its face. Those who are easily manipulated, completely unhindered by intelligence and pesky facts, will simple-mindedly cast their votes for whoever they’re told to vote for.

The proof of this is most apparent with the Trump-humpers who identify as ‘Christians’. They were convinced by their RW ‘pastors’ that a lying, adulterous, self-declared “***** grabber” was chosen by God to lead the nation. They were told to ignore his past – a past full of cheating people out of their money, running a fake ‘university’ and a phoney ‘charity’ – along with his sleazy kids and his nude model wife. And they did so.

The PTB in the Republican party effortlessly convinced their easily-led adherents that Trump’s business failures were actually great successes, his never-ending litany of lies were merely exaggerations, or mis-speaks taken out of context, and that his racism, xenophobia, disdain for anyone who opposes him, and his downright cruelty are signs of patriotism and love of country.

So when Trump goes down, where will his followers go? They will go where they are led. They will be told any number of things by their puppet-masters, and they will swallow it whole. Depending on how Trump goes down – and there are several strong possibilities as to how that will happen – the Trump-humpers will be told that ”he was a good man who broke under the stress of the job”, or ”he was led astray by evil-doers”, or ”he wasn’t who we thought he was – we were misled, just as you were – now let’s move on”.

After all is said and done, the GOP will simply downplay the disaster that was Trump, and eventually pretend he never happened. They will come up with a shiny new idiot to get behind, their paid-for ‘Christian pastors’ will lead their flocks to his side, and the Trump-humpers will start humping their newest idol – right on key, predictable as always.

As the case to impeach Trump gets stronger and the evidence against him becomes more indisputable, watch for the PTB in the GOP to start distancing themselves from what they know is a sinking ship. They won’t yell ”Abandon ship!” – but they will start getting into the lifeboats, hoping to save themselves and their party before the Trumptanic goes down. And the easily-led, brain-dead Trump-humpers will be right behind them.


olegramps (7,239 posts)

47. Into the dust bin or history. Just like Hitler's fascist Germany.

As I and many on this board have screamed: The Republican Party is a criminal fascist organization that is intent on establishing an authoritarian government in conjunction with the rule of billionaire oligarchs. It is not something new, but what they have been pursuing since the Nixon presidency under the so-called Unitary Executive Theory which is supported the Federalist Society appointed judges who are now dominating the courts and hold the highest legal position as Attorney General of the United States.

Miles Archer (16,036 posts)

4. Remember Trump's "Plan B" for the 2016 election..."The Trump Network?"

When he goes away, he won't give up that megaphone. He can't, he's addicted to it. As far as the "Republican Party," your guess is as good as mine. Maybe Steve King will run for president. He has all of the same "ideals." But the MAGAts will still be MAGAts, and Trump will find a way to keep them on the hook for Trump merchandise, probably "rallies," anything he can soak them for.

Star Member LonePirate (9,378 posts)

7. Tom Cotton - He seems like the next idiot to unite the racists, evangelicals and billionaires.

Initech (76,757 posts)

11. Oh they will find someone worse.

After all this is the party that gave us Joe Arpaio, Roy Moore and Brett Kavanaugh. After Chump is gone, there will be the usual round of people who complain he wasn't conservative enough. The typical circular firing squad will commence battle, they will nominate someone worse who will get a sizable percentage of the vote, because liberal derangement syndrome, and we'll back in the same place in 2024 without a damn lesson being learned. It's the circle of shit and it screws us all.

patphil (480 posts)

24. I believe that Trump is a satan.

As is his boss, Putin, and the leaders of North Korea, and China, and a whole lot of other leaders/members of governments around the world.

There are lots of satans...probably a million or more in physical bodies on the earth right now, along with maybe 2 billion devils and demons.
Just look around at the state of humanity.
The bible says 1/3 of the angels fell from heaven. That was millennia ago, and they have been very successful at recruiting since then. Maybe as much as 40% of the world's population are dark ones, or dark one wannabe's.
Humanity is a slow motion train wreck that is happening right now.
Time to pull the emergency brake cord.

Patrick Phillips


NanceGreggs (24,813 posts)

33. Perhaps I didn't explain myself well.

If Trump is taken down by irrefutable evidence that he's been under Putin's thumb all along (and I think we all agree that evidence exists) the Republican PTB will have no choice but to feign shock - after which they will lead their sheep to some other idiot's pasture.

I, for one, believe that there is documentary proof of Trump's collusion with the Russians in his financial records - which is why he is fighting so hard to keep them from being exposed. If and when that happens, all the denials, all the cries of 'rigged', and all the conspiracy theories in the world won't be worth a thing.

WHERE IS THE IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE? I've yet to have one DUmpmonkie show us...

Star Member mr_lebowski (9,732 posts)

31. My vote is for the Operation Jade Helm/Agenda 21 FEMA Camps ...

I want black copters descending with giant swarms of Jack-Booted Lesbian Blue Helmets led by Hillary Clinton, confiscating their gunz, sweeping them all up, putting 'em into gender and political re-assignment camps, turning 'em gay, aborting their babies, and making them swear eternal fealty to The One And Only God George Soros, Affirmative Action, and fighting Climate Change ...

Lock and Load, Soyboy.

Atticus (6,057 posts)

62. THIS is why I have no "friends" who are Republicans. THIS is why I avoid any contact with

known Trump-humpers. THIS is why my communication with Trumpers in my family is limited to a "hello" and a look which says "If you start any political shit I WILL hand you your ass!"

 :mental: Pretty sure the rest of your family is happy you are a shut-in who doesn't communicate with them...

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Re: After Trump, Where Will Republicans Go?
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2019, 06:29:39 PM »
NanceGreggs (24,813 posts)

After Trump, Where Will Republicans Go?

Looking for a head start on your February, 2025 and beyond Hate-Rants Nance? :rotf: Don't worry, Nance, you'll hate it and us :tongue: , and you'll still be able to recycle most of your recent recycled rants. :rotf:
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Re: After Trump, Where Will Republicans Go?
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2019, 06:43:04 PM »
JeffR <—————— Dead. The lucky one.

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Re: After Trump, Where Will Republicans Go?
« Reply #3 on: August 29, 2019, 10:45:18 PM »
Hey. Nance:

In case you missed it up in  Canookistan, Trump was the LAST person the Republican PTB wanted to win the nomination - because they knew they couldn't control him like the other R swamp creatures.  They had Romney doing anti-Trump ads for the Florida primaries and National Review did weekly hit pieces on Trump.

Then you also had all of the other R candidates and many in the Senate/House ripping on him too.

And all of you DUmpmonkies were ecstatic about it, thinking Trump would blow up the R party.