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You DONT ****ing get it.
« on: August 29, 2019, 06:05:27 PM »

Why is medical shit so expensive? In my small county 90% of the people seen at the ER have no health insurance. Hove of those people are in the country illegally.

Who pays the bill? YOU DO.

then there is this:

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I never want to hear another Republican speak about family values or being pro-life.
Trump administration ends relief program for immigrants with medical issues

Serena Badia has undergone heart surgery five times. Three of those procedures were back home in Spain where doctors told her she wouldn’t live past age 12.

She came to the U.S. with her mother and sister, hoping doctors here would be able to help where the Spanish surgeons failed. Serena, now age 14, has been seeing doctors in the U.S. for over a year as they attempt to rebuild her pulmonary artery.

But her treatment here is in jeopardy after immigration authorities told her family they have 33 days to leave the U.S. or risk not being able to return.

“If they don't let us come back to the United States, then I won't be able to get treated,” the 14-year-old told ABC News. “We don't know what to do because we don't want to be illegal here.”

Just when you think Trump has reached the bottom of the barrel, you find out the barrel has a basement. If Republican members of Congress support this action, they are no better than Trump and they all will have blood on their hands.

Sound like they may be either in the country on a visa (which is sounds like it is about to expire) or they are here illegally... so who is paying the bill? Odds are it's you and me.

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3. Pro-Life?

When you meet a Republican who is a vegetarian and actively opposes the death penalty, THEN they can start talking about being "pro-life." Otherwise, it is just another convenient misleading label they like to use, much like "conservative," when they are are not much interested in conserving anything more than the uni-racial nature of several gated communities.

go **** yourself, you soy drinking piece of shit. Stop killing babies and calling everyone a 'racist' and I'll stop calling you immoral lying hypocrites.

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7. Graham charity Samaritan's Purse brags of its mission providing medical care to

Children of other countries.

I’ll bet other RW grifters like Graham take in millions, too, pretending to care for those children in need.

Maybe clobbering them nonstop is a way to go here. They collect hundreds of millions every year from donations to help children as the support Trump’s policy of caging poor children of immigrants and stopping medical treatments of children with serious medical needs.

Then there’s Falwell’s pool boy and fitness trainer who make millions while children suffer under his pal Trump’s policies. And where is all that money coming from? Falwell’s stewardship of Liberty Univ money is similar Franklin Graham’s stewardship of Samaritan’s Purse. All bullshit grifting.

And needy, threatened, and dying children are the ones who suffer.

All these socialist countries have healthcare (like Spain, for example). Why isn't she staying there or headed out to one of teh other EU countries for her expensive surgeries? Because there they'd just let her die.

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9. Sure it's sad but...

This should be an article about Spain’s poor medical system and they’re inability to care for children, not America’s inability to support people who can’t afford to pay admission to live here.

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14. Enjoy your stay!

 because the above poster is obviously a VRW troll by pointing out the obvious.

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10. and he is NO christian because....that is not what Jesus would do. it says on our money "in god we trust". trump only trusts in his Russian oligarch loaners and nothing more

 :thatsright: people that openly hate christians telling us what a christian would do...

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15. Impeach trump NOW. (nt)

you idiots are rapidly on your way to losing all 57 states...  :whatever:
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Re: You DONT ****ing get it.
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2019, 06:17:51 PM »
It is ceratinly horrible that we pay the bills for illegal criminal invaders.

What is worse is that when American citizens go to an ER and have to wait whil illegal criminal invaders are in front of them and then die.  A friend's son came so close to dying while illegals were ahead of him for trivial matters.  He used to be a leftist, now he is full on America/Americans first.  I don't have the heart to put it back at him and his policies for his son almost dying in the ER waiting room.
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Re: You DONT ****ing get it.
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2019, 06:37:15 PM »
A Hispanic girl came to the racist for medical treatment? And is receiving it? How can that be? And hasn't Spain been a Socialist Paradise for 15 years? Why did the girl need to come to the US for treatment?

More seriously, it sounds like she and her family came here legally, but their visa is about to expire. I suspect that there is much more to the story than ABC Skews has reported, so I'm skeptical of their Trump is going to kill this poor girl narrative.
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