Author Topic: Jeff Epstein autopsy found multiple neck bone fractures  (Read 998 times)

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Jeff Epstein autopsy found multiple neck bone fractures
« on: August 15, 2019, 07:18:43 PM »
Star Member MelissaB (14,765 posts)

NEW >>>> Jeff Epstein autopsy found multiple neck bone fractures, which can be caused by suicidal hanging -- but are more commonly found in homicidal strangulation.

The fractures to the neck usually occur if the victim 'drops' to commit the act. Rarely are they seem with the type Jeffery apparently did- slowly lowering himself to cut off the air supply (kneeling on the floor or crouching down). It does happen- but it's pretty rare. Needless to say- it makes a troubling case even more troubling.

roamer65 (16,668 posts)

1. Look to the White House.


Blue Owl (17,706 posts)

3. Wonder if the forensics will show they've been made by small, little hands...


Star Member BigmanPigman (28,673 posts)

5. If he hanged himself wouldn't there be ligature marks on the skin around his neck? I saw a photo of someone who hanged himself and you could almost see what type of material the ligature was made of and how wide it was since the marks were very well could even see the texture of the ligature.


Star Member brush (24,096 posts)

7. Your headline is misleading as that bone being broken is more commonly caused by strangulation.

Why leave that out?

Star Member njhoneybadger (2,334 posts)

14. Yes, why leave that out?

huh.. it looks like njhoneybadger does give a ****...

Star Member Corgigal (6,700 posts)

9. Well, damn.

May I be the first DU'er to say, this shit is now scary.

triron (13,704 posts)

10. From the Houston Chronicle: Suicide appears somewhat unlikely.

"A handful of studies conducted over the past decade have produced conflicting results about the likelihood of a hyoid break in a suicide. In a study of 20 suicidal hangings in Thailand, published in 2010, one-fourth of the men who hanged themselves had broken hyoids. In a larger study of suicidal hangings of young-adults and middle-aged people in India, conducted from 2010 to 2013, hyoid damage was found in just 16 of 264 cases, or six percent. The study addressed the discrepancies in academic reviews, saying wide variations in findings of hyoid breaks are "possibly due to factors like age of the victim, weight of the victim, type of suspension and height of suspension." "

its a series of strange occurrences...

taken off Suicide Watch after attempting suicide (maybe)
cell mate transferred out of cell the night before he is found in the morning
no guard checks for several hours
guards seriously overworks in week prior
one guard not even a certified guard
cameras 'malfunction' during the time in question.
broken bones in the neck- usually seen in homicide cases (although they do rarely happen in suicides)
reports of screaming and 'shrieking' coming from the cell prior to him being found

 :???:  geez... IDK... I suppose everything is kosher...

radius777 (1,369 posts)

16. Epstein died in Trump/Barr's custody.

He either died because (a) they were too stupid/incompetent to make sure he stayed alive, or (b) because they wanted him to die.

Dems need to get ahead of this narrative, call for Barr to recuse himself, shine the focus back on Trump/Barr instead of letting them push absurd Clinton conspiracy theories to distract the public.


DeminPennswoods (6,833 posts)

22. When properly done,

hanging breaks your neck.

wait... he gets stupider...

DeminPennswoods (6,833 posts)

44. AFAIK, yes

when done as capital punishment off a gallows, it's supposed to break the neck and sever the spine immediately.

I'd guess it's more likely that a suicide done like Epstein's is asphyxiation, though.

yeah... there wasn't 'drop'. he was kneeling on the grown next to his bunk.

DeminPennswoods (6,833 posts)

21. Of course he'd have been kneeling or at some position other than hanging straight down. There's not enough height in a jail cell to leap to your death. Epstein was determined to kill himself and he did. He was facing a long sentence tantamount to spending the rest of his life in prison, not a very appealing prospect to someone who led the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

"At this point, what difference does it make?"

Star Member NightWatcher (36,498 posts)

23. There's not enough height to get the bone damage that has been reported

This is very suspect.

His body position leads to the idea of suffocation from a low hang. His injuries scream violent hanging from height with enough force to jerk the body and snap the bones, or a violent strangulation from someone else, possibly with a thin ligature.

This was also his "second attempt". The first left him bruised? So apparently he kicked his own ass before he killed himself, sure, happens all the time.

Star Member malaise (193,923 posts)

28. You seem so sure of yourself

Were you there?

oh, shut the **** up, you ****ing halfwit.

Maine-i-acs (1,348 posts)

29. Barr's AG will investigate this fully, right? just like they will the evidence from slave mansion?


Star Member librechik (29,459 posts)

34. where are the security tapes? Did they fall asleep too?

amazingly, in a high security prison, with the very high VIP prisoner who attempted suicide a week prior... the cameras malfunctioned during the time in question.


flotsam (1,912 posts)

39. What did Epstein do last time he was jailed?

Because he sure didn't commit suicide then. He made deals and bought the finest lifestyle available anywhere in the annals of american correctional history. There is no reason not to use that approach this time-and they say money can buy anything in prison.

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Re: Jeff Epstein autopsy found multiple neck bone fractures
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2019, 07:26:09 PM »
As long as DUmmies are waddling into complete Fantasyland again, I heard they found Hillary's thumbprints on on Epstein's neck. :whistling:
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Re: Jeff Epstein autopsy found multiple neck bone fractures
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2019, 08:41:54 PM »
As long as DUmmies are waddling into complete Fantasyland again, I heard they found Hillary's thumbprints on on Epstein's neck. :whistling:

Seth Rich and Epstein, the two latest murders for which Hillary has not been exonerated.
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