Author Topic: Expert Notices Problem with Migrant Mom’s Photo, Says She’s a Total Fraud  (Read 8858 times)

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Expert Notices Problem with Migrant Mom’s Photo, Says She’s a Total Fraud

On Wednesday, congressional representatives heard from an asylum-seeking Guatemalan woman whose 2-year-old daughter died shortly after being released from a Texas Immigration and Customs Enforcement detention center.

According to Fox News, Yazmin Juárez is suing the federal government over her daughter Mariee’s death after she contracted a serious lung infection while detained.

However, after Juarez’s emotional testimony, a beauty and wellness business owner picked up on something about the mother that a majority of people wouldn’t have noticed.

Carmen Hamerski, a skin care educator and master asthetician, noted in a Facebook post Thursday that Juárez was groomed like a model, donning microbladed eyebrows and acrylic nails.

According to Hamerski, the Guatemalan mother’s beauty treatment is not a cheap one. “Having worked in the Beauty business for a very long time, I can tell that’s an expensive nail job. I’m sorry! America is being taken advantage of. Poor villagers don’t walk around with long nails like that,” she noted.

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