Author Topic: Black Witness Booed For Testifying Against Slave Reparations In Congress  (Read 7045 times)

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Black Witness Booed For Testifying Against Slave Reparations In Congress

A black writer was booed Wednesday for testifying against slave reparations in a congressional hearing.

Quillette columnist Coleman Hughes said reparation payments to the descendants of slaves would insult black Americans, further divide the country, and make him and other descendants of slaves “victims without their consent.”

The public present for the Democrat-led hearing did not take his opinion well, prompting Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen to tell them to “chill.”

Slave reparations has made it to Congress. Coleman Hughes testified against it. Guess what happens? He gets shouted down.
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I'm waiting for someone to call Rep steve cohen out on cultural appropriation for saying "chill, chill, chill" trying to calm the crowd of black people down. 
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HBO's Deep Thoughts on this issue:

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