Author Topic: Just made a purchase I'm pretty excited about!  (Read 7131 times)

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Just made a purchase I'm pretty excited about!
« on: June 13, 2019, 10:46:02 AM »
Most of you know I own a real estate company and I did that for many years, but I wasn't always doing that.  Back in the stone ages I was a welder/foreman who traveled the country building and repairing water tower/tanks and moved into the refineries doing the same.  I got out of the business for 20 years to help raise my kids.  Once that got done I had my wife take over the real estate and I moved back into my old field because I enjoy the work.  Although I'm not in the field anymore I do still go out and visit my crews I manage and make bid walks for jobs.  This still requires me to use the normal PPE we use; hard hat, steel toed boots, safety glasses, ear plugs, etc.

Well, whenever I go to a bid walk and we're walking around in an area that requires ear plugs I can't hear what the rep is saying about what the scope of work is or answers to any questions asked.  Today I found this!

These ear buds will cancel noise while allowing normal sounds to come through.  I have a set of ear muffs like this I use for shooting, but I'd never seen them in ear plug style.  I'm hoping these work as well as I think they will.  If they do I'm going to buy about 5 sets to keep around my office for tokens of appreciation to my superintendents when they perform above and beyond my expectations.

If anyone is interested to hear how well (or not) they work, let me know and I'll reply back to this post.  I just wanted to tell someone!   :-)

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Re: Just made a purchase I'm pretty excited about!
« Reply #1 on: June 13, 2019, 02:54:33 PM »
looks interesting.  As a pyrotechnician, I'm around extremely loud noises every day but because my right ear canal is extremely narrow I can't find any earplugs to fit snuggly so I went to HEAR USA and had them custom make me an earplug from a silicone positive they made of my ear canal.  It fits very well and filters out all the noise that is harmful but allows me to hear others talking in normal conversion when we are not actually shooting.
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