Author Topic: gnomish Dave going to live off girlfriend, ride on gravy train may be in peril  (Read 1535 times)

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I remember watching a documentary on youtube (there are a bunch of them so I don't remember which one or I'd link it), but it had to do with the working poor. One of the women interviewed was a woman of color (or colored woman, not sure what the difference is) who was making about $8 per hour. She was getting section 8, child care and other assorted bennies. She was promoted to supervisor and was given a raise to $11 per hour. Being how she was dependent on the government for house and so forth she had to report her income increase. She was told she'd have to pony up more money for rent, pay into her child care, and other assorted things. She went back and turned the promotion down figuring she made more on $8 per hour with the bennies than she would with $11 per hour.

Now what she doesn't realize is, democrats who invented this system, accomplished their goal. Dems don't even want people on assistance getting out on their own because they might just start thinking for themselves. So, they make it almost impossible to move up and get off assistance by reducing benefits for even the most modest of increases. Social workers don't want people off welfare, they'd be working themselves out of a job.

I knew (and still do) a girl in Georgia (this is 25 years ago) who was on assistance (she's white by the way) and wound up getting a job. When she went to the government to report her income they told her everything she'd lose and did she want to reconsider, she (the girl) told the social worker hell no I won't reconsider. I'm sick of depending on the government.

So, she relied on family for childcare, worked her ass off, went to college, got a degree and is a successful real estate agent in the Atlanta area. She lives in a $500k house and is fabulously conservative.

If people want to get out of the cycle they can, not without pain, but it can be done.

I love stories like this. Once people realize they’ve been sold a bill of goods they end up doing what’s required to be a producer instead of a consumer and generally become a conservative.

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We finally snapped when it comes to deadbeats. Had a guy come over to one of the properties and he just loved it. Signed the lease the next day. A couple of days later we started getting phone calls from his huge crazy wife demanding their deposit and first month back. Sorry lady, yall broke the lease and its gonna cost a whole lot more if you take it to court.
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20. absolute bullshit. the cave is unspeakably vile.

I don't know how any of you can live with yourselves.