Author Topic: Trump Is Cutting Off Big Labor From Skimming Americans’ Medicaid Payments  (Read 279 times)

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Trump Is Cutting Off Big Labor From Skimming Americans’ Medicaid Payments And Unions Are Furious

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is blistering at a proposed regulation that would prevent the union from siphoning fees from American workers’ Medicaid payments.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced a proposed rule Tuesday that would require Medicaid payments to go directly to healthcare workers, ending a 2014 Obama-era rule that let third parties, such as unions and insurance companies, skim off a share of the paycheck before the worker saw any of it.

The SEIU, one of the largest public-sector unions in the U.S., referred to the proposed rule “as part of the [Trump] administration’s broad, coordinated attack against working people.”

Though the Obama rule legalizing the practice went into effect in 2014, unions have been skimming money from Medicaid payments for nearly two decades, according to Freedom Foundation director for labor policy Maxford Nelson.

The practice has netted unions billions of dollars from public-sector home healthcare workers forced to pay union dues or “agency fees” equivalent to 85 percent of a dues payment to cover the cost of representation for non-members.

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If it pisses off seiu, then I'm all for it.

Trump Won.  Get over it!

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SEIU - just another acronym for "Serving Elites Instead of U"

Which means, of course, that those who are doing the skimming are the Elite, not those who are doing the paying.
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SEIU is pissed because there is less graft and $$$ to donate to democrats.
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Under the Obama regime it was okay for the SEIU to force home daycare workers that were being paid by medicare or medicaid to join their union and pay dues.  This was even true when a family member was taking cared of another.