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Title: Ex-priest jailed for crucifying nun in 'exorcism'
Post by: bijou on January 30, 2008, 05:02:39 PM

A former Romanian Orthodox priest has been jailed for seven years for fatally crucifying a young nun during an "exorcism".


Twenty-three-year-old Irina Cornici was bound and chained to a cross before being starved and denied water for days.

She died of dehydration, exhaustion and suffocation.

Ms Cornici believed that the devil was talking to her, and had previously been treated for schizophrenia. Daniel Corogeanu, the former priest, and four nuns decided in 2005 to undertake the exorcism.

Corogeanu was convicted of murder and sentenced alongside the four nuns in September 2007, but was freed while an appeal took place.

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