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LIVE UPDATES: Andrew Brown Jr. bodycam video public release delayed by 30 days,


LIVE UPDATES: Andrew Brown Jr. bodycam video public release delayed by 30 days, judge says

--- Quote ---A judge in North Carolina announced Wednesday that the body camera footage of the fatal deputy-involved shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. will be delayed for public release for at least 30 days.

Superior Court Judge Jeffery Foster approved disclosure of the videos to Brown's adult son, Khalil Ferebee, other immediate family members and one attorney licensed in North Carolina within 10 days. The faces of the officers may be blurred before the disclosure, the judge said. The disclosure will include five files, but four videos in total from body cameras and a dash cam.

The public release of the body camera footage will be held for release between at least 30 days and no more than 45 days to allow North Carolina's State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) to move forward with their probe into the shooting, Foster said. The SBI will be ordered to present its findings to the court, when Foster will make another determination about the videos’ release.
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A harbinger of things to come?

--- Quote ---Roads were closed in downtown Elizabeth City ahead of the hearing. A total of seven people were arrested Tuesday night as protests continued for a seventh straight night. Dozens of protesters remained out on the streets in violation of the city's curfew that went into effect at 8 p.m.

The FBI launched a civil rights probe Tuesday into the death of Brown. His family also released an independent autopsy showing he was shot five times, including in the back of the head.
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