Author Topic: Why are the Democrats giving Newsom a life raft while throwing Cuomo overboard?  (Read 76 times)

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Why are the Democrats giving Newsom a life raft while throwing Cuomo overboard?

Two Democrat governors are facing the fights of their political lives. Yet one is being offered every resource of the party and the other is being thrown under the proverbial bus.

A recall effort against California Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom has submitted a petition with more than the 2 million signatures needed to get the measure on the ballot this fall.

Those who want Newsom gone cite his onerous, COVID-inspired lockdown policies, which Newsom timed the lift of to sync up with the Joe Biden's inauguration as president. Newsom's lockdown order were some of the most restrictive in the country, inspiring Mayor Eric Garcetti to one point instruct Angelinos to "cancel everything."

California restaurants and wineries sued Newsom over the in-person dining restrictions that the governor himself broke more than one occasion. He is also alleged to have awarded state contracts to businesses and people who donated to to help with the pandemic. He also released a convicted killer from prison.

Interesting read. Andrew Cuomo is not left enough.
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might have something to do with newscum's family ties to nasty pelosi...
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