Author Topic: Lauren Boebert - Letter to Pelousy and McCarthy on Concealed Carry for Reps  (Read 200 times)

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The letter (sorry, can't attach because the paltry 650K allowance for attachments is bullshit and needs to be changed) is signed by 82 members of the House and I find that encouraging. Why it wasn't signed by my own congresscritter, French Hill, is a matter that warrants further investigation.

The more I look at that turd, the more I see an f'n RINO.

Good for Lauren, and good for those who insist on having their 2A rights in the middle of the cesspool swamp known as a high crime center for the U.S. -- Washington D.C.

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I just watched her speaking in the House on the Arizona electoral debate.  She is eloquent and has fire in her belly.  She has a future in the new MAGA-Republican party.