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Armed St. Louis protesters broke iron gate, threatened couple before they drew t

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Armed St. Louis protesters broke iron gate, threatened couple before they drew their own guns, attorney says

--- Quote ---A Missouri couple under fire for brandishing guns in the front yard of their home as protesters passed told police the group broke a gate to get onto the private street, and the pair say they only retrieved their firearms when they spotted “multiple” people who were already armed, department records show.

Al Watkins, an attorney for Mark McCloskey, 63, and his 61-year-old wife, Patricia, said the protest was largely peaceful and the pair did not bring their guns outside of the home until two men in particular, both of whom were white, started menacing them.

The McCloskeys, he said, were hesitant to come forward with the full story out of fear that they would "disparage the importance of Black Lives Matter."
--- End quote ---

What really happened.

--- Quote ---The pair called the St. Louis Police Department shortly before 7:30 p.m. Sunday. They told arriving officers that they had heard a "commotion" and, upon investigating further, “observed a large group of subjects forcefully break an iron gate marked with ‘No Trespassing’ and ‘Private Street' signs.” according to an incident summary provided to Fox News by the department.

The police report does not identify the McCloskeys as the victims.

“Once through the gate, the victims advised the group that they were on a private street and trespassing and told them to leave,” the police summary further states. “The group began yelling obscenities and threats of harm to both victims. When the victims observed multiple subjects who were armed, they then armed themselves and contacted police.”

Based on the couple’s account, police labeled the incident a case of trespassing and assault by intimidation, according to the incident summary. No other police reports were filed that night, a department spokesperson told Fox News.
--- End quote ---

The Soros funded prosecutor is talking about prosecuting the home owners.

St. Louis prosecutor ordered crime lab to reassemble Patricia McCloskey's gun

--- Quote ---ST. LOUIS — The gun Patricia McCloskey waved at protesters was inoperable when it arrived at the St. Louis police crime lab, but a member of Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner's staff ordered crime lab experts to disassemble and reassemble it and wrote that it was “readily capable of lethal use” in charging documents filed Monday, 5 On Your Side has learned.

In Missouri, police and prosecutors must prove that a weapon is “readily” capable of lethal use when it is used in the type of crime with which the McCloskeys have been charged.

Assistant Circuit Attorney Chris Hinckley ordered crime lab staff members to field strip the handgun and found it had been assembled incorrectly. Specifically, the firing pin spring was put in front of the firing pin, which was backward, and made the gun incapable of firing, according to documents obtained by 5 On Your Side.

Firearms experts then put the gun back together in the correct order and test-fired it, finding that it worked, according to the documents.
--- End quote ---

Evidence has been altered.

--- Quote ---“It’s disheartening to learn that a law enforcement agency altered evidence in order to prosecute an innocent member of the community,” Schwartz said.

A spokeswoman for Gardner wrote: "We can't comment on a pending case."

There is no reference to the operating condition of the gun in the probable cause statement police wrote on the case. The only reference to it is contained in the charging document with Hinckley’s name on it.
--- End quote ---

9 BLM protesters cited for trespassing in St. Louis, McCloskey suspects 'there won’t be any charges’

--- Quote ---Nine Black Lives Matter protesters in St. Louis were cited for trespassing on the property of Mark and Patricia McCloskey after the armed couple defended their home from a crowd of nearly 500 people, they told “Fox & Friends Weekend.”

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner charged the couple with the felony of unlawful use of weapons for pointing guns at protesters back in June, but Patricia McCloskey said the protesters being cited most likely will not be charged with anything.

“These are just tickets, they’re municipal type tickets,” she said. “Nine of three to five hundred people, I don't know how they chose those nine people…. I suspect there won't be any charges even for these nine people.”
--- End quote ---

Just tickets. They should be sent to the Supermax.

--- Quote ---Reflecting on this weekend’s shooting of two deputies in Compton, Calif., Mark McCloskey pointed out that the government continues to allow and even encourage protest violence.

“The mob outside my house was chanting, ‘You can't stop the revolution,’” he said. “What's the definition of a revolution? The violent overthrow of government. And do we see that happening all over the country? And who's stopping it? The Democrat-run cities, they're encouraging it… They're asking the public to engage in violence and stuff like this happens. This isn't a coincidence.”
--- End quote ---

The left is encouraging black people to act out without consequences, thus making them even more emboldened and reckless. There will be blood spilled between the races very soon and it will be the fault of the Democrats.


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