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‘It’s Real Ugly’: Protesters Clash With Minneapolis Police After George Floyd’s

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‘It’s Real Ugly’: Protesters Clash With Minneapolis Police After George Floyd’s Death

--- Quote ---MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — There was chaos and destruction in Minneapolis Tuesday night as police officers and protesters clashed over the death of George Floyd.

The outrage began with a video showing police arresting the 46-year-old in south Minneapolis Monday night.

“I can’t breathe! Please, the knee on my neck,” Floyd is heard saying in the video.
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A harbinger of things to come?

Some looting going on.

DLR Pyro:

--- Quote from: thundley4 on May 27, 2020, 05:55:58 AM ---Some looting going on.

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Because that's what George Floyd would have wanted.....

Rioting continues in Minneapolis.

Future affordable housing lost due to flames during Minneapolis riot

--- Quote ---MINNEAPOLIS (FOX 9) - The apartment complex under construction in south Minneapolis that burned Wednesday night and into Thursday morning was a mixed-use development which would have provided affordable housing for the area.

The site of Midtown Corner is in the former Rainbow Foods parking lot located at East Lake Street and Hiawatha Avenue. Flames ripped through the wood-framed, six-story building Wednesday night and could be seen for several city blocks well into the morning hours.
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The rioters have destroyed an apartment under construction. It was meant to provide affordable housing in the area. This is madness!  :censored: :mad: :argh:


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