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Obama Administration Sneaks 60 Percent Hike In ‘Social Cost’ Regulation Of Carbon Emissions

June 12, 2013 by Ben Bullard

The Administration of President Barack Obama, acting through the U.S. Department of Energy, has just raised the so-called “social cost” of carbon emissions by 60 percent — and it did so by quietly piggybacking the change on a routine update to energy efficiency standards for microwave ovens.

Before the Obama-backed rate jump, the government had worked with a dollar value, pegged at $23.80 per metric ton of carbon emissions, to assess the relative costs associated with pollution and benefits of regulations to curb it. Under the new guideline, it’s now $38 per metric ton — a 59.67 percent increase.

The premise of even assigning a dollar value to the effects of carbon emissions’ “social cost” is founded on the theory of global warming, that floods and famines that damage property and disrupt markets are caused by man-made climate change. In other words, it’s government policy to regulate carbon emissions based on the idea that people are heating up the environment — and to exact a price from companies and people for contributing to climate change.

The furtive hike in the theoretical number, according to the Washington Post, “is more than an accounting change”:

By driving the “social cost” up, the Obama Administration is essentially stacking the deck in favor of more aggressive Federal laws regulating carbon emissions, while making it much harder for projects like the Keystone pipeline to receive Federal approval.

Social Cost My Ass
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The Zimmerman case is definitely creating the opportunity for Obama to ram through all these executive orders with more cover than usual, even among the conservatives and, shamefully, members of Congress who should be making "point of order" speeches around the clock. But note how the announcement was also made AFTER the filibuster argument cave by the RINO's. Had Obama destroyed the coal industry (which is what this act effectively does) before the filibuster argument deal, I'm sure that Ted Cruz or Mike Hunt would be filibustering the EPA nominee bigtime.

Sad day, and we are now at a point where if the senate is not retaken AND CONTROLLED by conservatives, the run is over for most of us, and will take a lot of work by the Millennials, and possibly the Gen-Y'rs, to turn it back, but that start won't even begin to happen until about 2025 minimum, and most probably not until 2040.
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