Author Topic: Here Are The Most Common Things Given Up For Lent In Every State (The Bee)  (Read 180 times)

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The Lenten season is upon us! Across America, people are giving things up for the next 40 days in preparation for Easter. Check out what the most common choice was for every state:

Alabama - Using the deep fryer for breakfast

Alaska - Eskimo kisses

Arizona - Counting the 2020 Presidential ballots

Arkansas - Guessing which eye Sarah Huckabee Sanders is looking with

California - Pooping on the sidewalk

Colorado - Telling people how awesome Colorado is

Connecticut - Clams on pizza

Delaware - Being Delaware

Florida - Winning at everything

Georgia - Electing Stacey Abrams as Governor

Hawaii - Getting laid

Idaho - Trying to overcome that stupid potato stereotype

Illinois - Murder

Indiana - Inexplicably calling Coca-Cola "pop"

Iowa - Having way too much influence on Presidential primaries

Kansas - Telling people that Superman grew up next door

Kentucky - Constantly explaining the difference between bourbon and whiskey

Louisiana - Pretending that beignets aren't just crappy donuts

Maine - Moose jerky

Maryland - Old Bay seasoning

Massachusetts - Their Boston accent, which is totally fake anyways.

Michigan - Playing Euchre

Minnesota - Going outside

Mississippi - The extra s, s, and p

Missouri - Toasted ravioli

Montana - Construction on the Keystone XL Pipeline

Nebraska - Killing the planet with cow farts

Nevada - Going to Gamblers Anonymous meetings

New Hampshire - Bragging about not having sales tax

New Jersey - Pronouncing water as "wuda"

New Mexico - Eating green chiles three meals per day

New York - Dying on the subway

North Carolina - Pretending to be a northern state

North Dakota - Letting people confuse them with those jerks down in South Dakota

Ohio - Clean water

Oklahoma - Scalping palefaces

Oregon - The eastern half of the state to Idaho

Pennsylvania - Winning a Super Bowl

Rhode Island - Telling people you're actually from Massachusetts

South Carolina - That gross mustard BBQ sauce

South Dakota - Trying to carve Trump's face into Mount Rushmore

Tennessee - Destroying the tattered remnants of country music

Texas - Pretending there's a southern border

Utah - Having an 11th baby

Vermont - Being so, so white

Virginia - D.C. commuters

Washington - Having a police department

West Virginia - Moonshine Mondays

Wisconsin - Saying "Ope!" when you bump into someone

Wyoming - Getting gored by bison
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Re: Here Are The Most Common Things Given Up For Lent In Every State (The Bee)
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Re: Here Are The Most Common Things Given Up For Lent In Every State (The Bee)
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Seems pretty accurate.  :-)