Author Topic: Biden administration weighs nationwide ban on gas stoves: report  (Read 456 times)

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Re: Biden administration weighs nationwide ban on gas stoves: report
« Reply #25 on: March 17, 2023, 09:35:21 PM »
California Bay Area to Start Banning Gas Furnaces and Water Heaters

Authorities from the Bay Area in San Francisco have decided to ban the use of natural gas-fired water heaters and furnaces, citing pollution and health concerns.

The Bay Area’s Air District Board of Directors made amendments to certain regulations to eliminate nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from residential and commercial natural gas furnaces and water heaters by mandating that new appliances comply with zero-emission standards.

“The rule amendments would apply only to new appliances and do not mandate the immediate change out of existing appliances, nor will they apply to appliances used for cooking, such as gas stoves,” according to a March 15 press release.

According to new amendments, only “zero NOx” water heaters can be sold or installed in the Bay Area beginning in 2027. Two years later in 2029, only zero NOx furnaces will be allowed to be sold or installed in the region. And in 2031, new commercial water heaters in the Bay Area will have to meet zero NOx standards.

The California electric grid is stretched really thin. Quixotic.
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