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The landscapes with a secret ingredient - they're made of food



--- Quote ---Gone fishing: A sea and sky made of salmon, a pea pod boat, rocks and pebbles made from soda bread and potatoes, brown sugar for sand and parsley foliage and dill for trees

Even the sky is food - a thin slice of salmon with a light shining through it for the sun. These amazing images come from a series of pictures called Foodscapes, created using simple kitchen ingredients.

Made entirely from vegetables, meat, dairy and fish produce, the lifelike scenes range from a broccoli forest to a mushroom field.

They are the work of Carl Warner, a 44-year-old photographer from Kent who has spent the last few years developing his style.

Each scene is photographed in separate stages to stop the food wilting and then put together on a computer.

--- End quote ---
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wow. neat! are the DUmmies pissed about the waste yet?

Wow.  That's creepy, weird, and interesting all at the same time.  :o


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